Qi DayMinke do Vos

Qi Day Brings Light to Vancouverites through
The Healing Practice of Qi Gong

Qi Day is Saturday, August 26th, 2017, the second annual free event that celebrates and showcase of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Jim Deva Plaza from 11am-5pm in Vancouver’s Westend. Thanks to Vancouver Foundations’ Small Neighbourhood Grants, Qi Day volunteers are able to share the healing practice of Qi Gong with Attendees.

Chinese Medicine has five thousand years of history with a body of knowledge and many healing modalities designed to help the whole person, from mind, body and spirit. It is a proven effective way for people to fight illness and disease! The healing practice of qi gong uses gentle movements and breathing techniques that bring more flow among your blood circulation and nervous system to bring balances overall.

On Saturday, August 26th, Qi Gong teachers and masters will be volunteering their time to teach 45 minute qi gong classes and offer mini Qi Gong healing treatments. Located at the Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver’s West End, Vancouverites can partake in classes and receive treatments for free! From 11 – 5pm, participants can meet and experience classes from local and International Qi Gong Teachers including Minke De Vos, John Weiss, Jacob Larmour and Caroline MacGillivray.

“We are so grateful to Vancouver Foundation for supporting our cause,” says Qi Day Co- Founder, Caroline MacGillivray. For further information on this event, please visit: www.qiday.wordpress.com



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