Qi Gong Dance Party

Qi Gong Dance Party



Qi Gong Dance Party
– Qi Day on Sept 16, 2018, 2-6pm

Come join us for a post Labour Day, late summer afternoon of Qigong, movement and creative expression. This Qi Gong Dance Party event will be Free and open to the public at the Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver’s beautiful West End.

Get your Qi moving! All ages welcome! Qi Gong movement set to music will be led by your Qi Gong Dance Party Leaders:

2:30-3:30pm John Weiss – Easy Groove and Flow
3:30-4:30pm Jacob Larmour – Mid-tempo Madness
4:30-5:30pm Caroline MacGillivray – Shake it out!

This outdoor Qi Gong Dance Party will also have free healing mini treatments! This is a family-friendly event so check back soon for more details! Www.qiday.wordpress.com  Best free event!


Qi Day Details

Sunday, September 16th from 2pm to 6pm at the Jim Deva Plaza
Davie St. at Bute St. in the Vancouver’s West End

Qigong Classes with musical accompaniment – 50-60 minutes each

2:30pm Qi Day
John Weiss will guide you through a slow and easy introduction to Qigong and support you in a gentle journey

Jacob Larmour will guide you with live musical accompaniment by Holly Burke to a more mid-range flow of energy sure to evoke the latent energies within.

Caroline MacGillivray will guide you through a uptempo blend of movement, breath and sound to get the Qi levels flowing

Energy Healing Treatments

2:00pm to 5:30pm
15-minute Energy Healing Treatments from our amazing group of healers from multiple disciplines of Qigong, Acupuncture, Jin Shin Do and much more! These treatments are first come-first served so come early to register for your treatment.

Qi Lounge and Information Station – 2pm-6pm

Other info sites for this event:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/206216433546220/
Twitter – @QiDay2018
Instagram – Qi_Day_Vancouver

Hours, Location and Classes

All events will be at the Jim Deva Plaza (Davie Street at Bute Street) in Vancouver’s West End

These classes are open to the public and are for all fitness levels. Come join us and have a little fun learning about healing using the Traditional Chinese Medicine activity of Qigong (pronounced: Chi – Gung) while we take you through a musical journey.

Free Qigong Treatments

There will be short mini treatments available on a first come-first serve basis for the public. These will be available from 2pm-5:30pm

Bios of the Healers will be listed on the Healer’s Page at Www.qiday.wordpress.com . These will be approximately 15- 20 minute long chair treatments at our Qi Day location in the Jim Deva Plaza (Davie @ Bute) in the West End of Vancouver. You will have an opportunity to experience for yourself the power of energy healing from the ancient Chinese Shamanistic tradition. There will be a facilitator on site arranging the sessions. Please contact Caroline MacGillivray for more information at qidayevents@gmail.com

Qi Lounge

Join us for in our Qi Lounge for a tea and a chat about how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong can support your healing journey.

There will also be a table where you can talk to off duty teachers and healers about Qigong. We welcome your interest! You will also be able to get the contact details for each of the teachers and healers who are volunteering at this year’s event.

We hope you join us for a “Qi-riffic” Day!!!

Your Qi Day- Dance Party 2018 Planning Committee
Jacob Larmour, Caroline MacGillivray, Deena Guffei and John Weiss



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