Railway Happy Hour

Railway Happy Hour


Have yourself a very hoppy happy hour
at the Railway Happy Hour

There’s nothing fancy about the The Railway Stage & Beer Café. No fancy dancy tables and chairs and menus are not bound in leather and there’s absolutely no one taking photos of their food, present company excepted. Here at The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe, it’s all about the beer. The new Railway Happy Hour special of $3 beer (yes, you heard me right) offered every day from 4-8 pm (longest happy hour I’ve ever heard of), and the last hour of service until the doors close or they kick your sorry ass out, will make any beer drinking person very hoppy during this very hoppy happy hour (if you can say this 10 times after 10 beers, tweet me and I’ll buy you another 10 beers).

Along with great local $3 beers, happy hour at the Railway includes live entertainment like the Friday knock off, Tuesday Music Bingo hosted by Meredith Geddes of CFOX, and the Saturday Sessions with Joe Rotundo.  For full details and upcoming shows find the Railway Stage & Beer Café on your favourite social media at @RailwaySBC.

Railway Happy Hour

Cheer Cheer, The Beers All Here at Railway Happy Hour

As I’m not really a fan of beers, I asked a girlfriend of me who drinks beer to come with me to provide tasting notes. I thought that the $3 happy hour beer selection would be limited to a select few, but it’s anything that’s on tap at Railway and if you look at the wall, there are about 17+ craft beers on tap with the selection rotating. Overwhelmed with so many choices, my friend asked the bar manager for recommendations. He was quite knowledgeable as he was a beer drinker and of course, as a requirement of his job, had sadly sampled them all (hopefully not on the same night). The following are the beers that my friend tried:

Phillips Mild Card English Mild Ale: this is apparently a collaboration between Phillips Brewing and The Donnelly Group which was released just before the World Cup in June 2018. With its low alcoholic content and notes of caramel, chocolate and dark fruits, I wasn’t too surprised that she liked this one too.

Driftwood Fat Tug IPA: she also really liked this pale ale because it was light and fruity with notes of grapefruit, mango, melon and passionfruit.

Parallel 49 Craft Lager: light and easy to drink with lemon notes, my friend said she liked this beer the most.

Vancouver Island Brewing Harvest Saison: she also really liked this beer as it had strong cranberry flavours and apparently, also quince.

Hoyne Dark Matter: she was surprised that she liked this dark beer as the body wasn’t as intense as other dark beers like porter making it easy to drink with notes of espresso.

My friend said that she had no intention to drink all these beers but was surprised that she liked them all. Kudos to the bar manager who really knows his beer.

Railway Happy Hour

Although, I didn’t sample any of the tapped beer, I did however order a Flight of Three 4oz beer styles ($5.25) which allows you to order any three beers on the menu. So I ordered Mariner Brewing Venture Blueberry Sour, Fuggles & Warlock Kiwami Plum Sour and Bomber Brewing Parklife Passion Fruit Ale as two were sour beers and the Bomber Passion Fruit Ale I assumed, would have an intense passion fruit flavour.

My favorite out of the three fruity beers was the Mariner Brewing Venture Blueberry Sour as it had intense blueberry notes coupled with cranberries. The Fuggles & Warlock Kiwami Plum Sour was a bit more sour as I could taste underlying notes of bitter grapefruit. The Bomber Passion Fruit Ale had the least fruit flavour and was the lightest of all, being an ale.

The flight of beers is a great way to sample beers and when you find one you like, you can then commit yourself to a full glass or if you’re like me, just keep on sampling because baby, variety is the spice of life!

Railway Happy Hour

What – No Food Specials?

When I was invited to review the Railway happy hour, I thought to myself “What – no food specials?” But when you look at the menu, snacks such as Chips & Dip (lime guacamole + jalapeno queso), Popcorn (cajan BBQ or salted) or Shoestring Fries are a mere $7 while more substantial fare such as Pressed Sandwiches (served with fries or soup & half salad) and Salad Bowls are $12 which are happy hour prices at other establishments. Brunch is $10 on Sat 11am-4pm.

We ordered the Chips & Dip with guacamole and Brisket Pressed Sandwich. Name me something that goes better with beer than Chips & Dip. Are you stumped? I thought so. I could tell the chips weren’t made in-house but as long as the guacamole is, I’m happy.

Railway Happy Hour

The Brisket Pressed Sandwich had tender beef brisket meat with a delicious layer of mozzarella cheese which I scraped off due to my lactose intolerance. The bread itself is toasted and crispy as any pannini I’ve had and gave me that satisfying crunch that I want whenever I have a pannini. It’s not four star food, but comfort food you would enjoy at home. It’s basic and good and moreover, pairs oh so nicely with the $3 hoppy happy hour beer.  And that’s enough to make me very hoppy indeed.



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