Remington Straightener

Although I have long black hair, it’s not straight due to the many years I spent perming my hair to get that big Latino hairdo. So needless to say, I was excited to try the new Remington Straightener from the London Drugs Beauty Event because as a girl, you can’t have too many hair straighteners.  The Remington TjStudio™ PROtect™ Straightener comes with ultra-ceramic plates and a Vapour Infusion Technology which I call this the 1-2-3 go straightener as it literally takes three seconds to straighten your hair as the flat iron allows a large portion of hair to be pressed at once. The ceramic barrels ensure that your hair won’t be burnt to a crisp and to ensure your locks are pampered there’s s vial of macadamia oil to seal the deal. It works as well as the hair straightener I bought for $189 except that it doesn’t look like its easy to curl hair with the Remington TjStudio™ PROtect™ Straightener due to the big barrels.  It’s not listed yet on the London Drugs website (, but I can bet it’s less expensive.

Remington TjStudio™ PROtect™ Dryer comes with a ceramic ring to protect hair from damage and frizz; comes with diffuser attachments and micro-conditioning hairbrush. Coming soon to London Drugs.





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