Feast of San Genaro – $3 rings, bracelets and earrings

All the major foodies I know have just blogged the best things they put in their mouth in 2013.  Well, not being a food blogger but rather a frugalista, here’s my list of the best buys that kept the most pennies in my purse which I call Rescue Remedies for Your Pocket, 2013 Edition.

Best rescue remedy for your nerves when your computer has a breakdown – Firefly Electronics.  I first went to Firefly Electronics (Bentall One across from  Flight Centre) out of convenience as they’re located near my building. But instead of selling me the Universal battery pack for $60, they tested my power source and determined that all I needed was to have the end of my cord fixed for just $7.  I’ve gotten discounts for repairs for parts that took over 10 days to arrive from London, England and even had a cable replaced for free for my battery charger that I bought from them.  Those kind of loyalty rewards guarantees my loyalty to these computer saviors!

Best travel rescue remedy to save your sanity when you’re stranded at an airport is my Royal Bank Avion VISA Card.  When you book a flight using your VISA Avion card, flight insurance is free (not valid when you see points for a free flight though).  As long as you get a flight repot from the airline ticket counter, you can submit a claim for the cost of your hotel accommodation and transportation during your delay.  To receive redemption, call a toll free number, and a claim report is emailed to you to fill out and your refund is sent to you within a week.  No hassles, no headaches!


RescueHoseBigBest rescue remedy when your hosiery becomes a massive runway for snags is Mad Hatters in International Village Mall. On Black Friday, I scored net stockings for $2, yoga pants for $8 and reading glasses for $5. Run don’t walk to their next sale.

Best rescue remedy to up the amp on the bling bling factor in your glorious being was at the Feast of San Genaro in New York. I scored rings, earrings and bracelets for $3 each from a vendor, which makes it a better buy than even Clare’s or Ardene’s. Snap – I’m going back to New York this year at the same time and will score even more bling bling to make my heart ring ring.

Best rescue remedy for soccer moms who spend oodles and doodles of moola on brand new runners for the athletic offspring is Value Village.  You can score new – yes you heard me right Nikes, Skeechers and other name brands. But if you wait until the 50% sales, you’ll get them for a mere $5 a pair.  At that price,  you can buy them a pair for every day of the week!

Best rescue remedy for a bad day – 16 wines on tap and all for $2 for 2 oz on Tuesdays! Snap! Where? I’m not telling until you promise to take me! Most establishments offer a measley peasley two choices, but Vinoteca Caffe wants you wine all night. My favorite wines here is the Painted Rock Skaha, Joie Rose and Big Bang Theory blend of 13 wines.



Best rescue remedy to impress your date but not break the bank, Chewies Oysters Kitsalano Monday date special for $50.  where $50 buys you a dinner for two (1 one appy to share, 2 entrees and 1 dessert to share). But wait it gets even better as all wine, by the glass and bottle is ½ price). Hello, will you, you, you, you and you be mine?

Best rescue remedy to make your eyes pop all day long – Anna SuiWaterproof Pencil Eyeliner seems to last forever. As a fashionista, the most essential item in my makeup bag is the eyeliner as that’s the one beauty instrument that will make your eyes pop. After trying many products from runaway liquid eyeliner that makes you look like a clown, to barely there pencils and gooey spotty mud, most don’t even last more than 2 hours and have a life expectancy of 2 months or even less. After being introduced to Anna Sui at a launch event, I bought their eye pencil and was more than a little elated because it lasts for 5-6hours and has a life expectancy of over 3 months.  Even though this pencil doesn’t cost less than other eyeliners or pencils at $26, it does last three times longer.

Best rescue remedy to make you look years younger – John Freida Precision Foam which lasts for 5 months. I was introduced to John Freida Precision Foam at the London Drugs Beauty Preview and was amazed at the results. Not only does this product lasts for 5-6 months, but its easy to use as all you do is to apply, leave it on your hair and then wash off.


RescueArmadilloBigBest rescue remedy designed to make you look even more fabulous – designer fashions from Armadillo Boutique (Granville St / cross street 64th). It’s no secret that although I’m a big fan of this store, I try not to visit too often as I know what happens – kapow, and my money is gone as Fay Yamamoto Jensen, partner in this fashion enterprise with her husband, has great clothes and when she has a sale, it’s a great sale. My best score this year, this one piece dress for just $30. And if course I had to buy the matching shoes which were only $30

Best rescue remedy to make you a winner in your spouse’s eyes when you celebrate those special occasions aka Las Vegas style at Federico’s Supper Club. Dinner, dancing and crooning by owner Federico Fuoco whose entertaining and enthralling showmanship gets the crowd moving and a grooving even on a Tuesday night makes this the perfect night to paint the town red. Three and four course dinners make it ever so affordable with great food and portions so ginormous that any momma would approve. But ladies beware, because swooning will ensue at Federico’s.

Best rescue remedy to prevent too many pennies from falling out of your purse to buy all the basic necessities for day-to-day living is to shop at London Drugs. From computer equipment, cameras, housewares, beauty essentials and grocery items, London Drugs will have a sale sooner or later on what you need.



Best rescue remedy for a most unhappy day at work is to super-indulge in happy hour specials.  My favorite happy hour discoveries of 2013 – The Wine Bar (pictured above) on Mondays and after 10pm everyday offers 3 bites for $10;  Glowbal Group restaurants daily from 3-6pm has 50% off appys and $5 cocktails; and Joe Fortes half price appys from 4-6. bites. I suspect that with the liquor law becoming more relaxed this year that my nine pages listing happy hours will increase to 99.

Best all you can drink wine for 3 hours is the Saturday Wine social at Ardesia Wine Bar, New York.  $25 gets you a tasting of five wines and when you’re finished the informal guided tasting, you can have as much of the wine you prefer. As this is an sophisticated establishment patrons, aren’t prone to guzzling their wine so basically 2 glasses + the tasting is still all you can drunk in the space of 3 hours. A great deal considering the fact that I attended the French Wine tasting and was given 2oz+ of Langedoc, Beaujolais and sparkling wine from France.

Best rescue remedy to spoiling yourself beautifully is at the Hudson Bay cosmetic department.  Every couple of months, it seems that all the major cosmetic brands offer a spend $35 get a beauty bonus gift set worth over $50+ deal. My favorite foundations are $35+ which pushes it in the expensive range but with a bonus gift sets valued over $50+ its real score!



Best rescue remedy to really lift up your spirits is a Bittered Sling Bistro event. The evening starts with a cocktail and an appetizer to ease you into a highly spirited evening with 3 courses paired with a cocktail from a talented cocktail master and whoops there she is – back on the floor again!! All for a mere $60

Best rescue remedy for your weekend meals is Friday one day sales at all Whole Food locations. I’ve scored 4 mangoes for $5, two lobsters for $15 and more. They also have tasting events for $10 and an everyday deal is a protein sampler which gets you one protein salads + 2 vegetable salads for $10.99 which is enough for two meals for you’re a light eater like me.



Best rescue remedy for speed eating and tasting a variety of food in new neighborhood without taking a breath are Tasting Plates. Hosted by Vancouver Foodster, guests receive a tasting plate from 6+ restaurants/cafés. For $50 at registration its a deal, but if you can score early bird tickets for $25 its a real steal! Vancouver Foodster also hosts Noodlemania and other food events that also give you great value for your money. 

Best rescue remedy for printing business cards without spending a fortune or waiting three weeks is at Staples. You can either design your own template in Publisher or choose one on Staples website, and have the cards printed on uncut colour gloss paper making each card only 10 cents to print. If you have Staples precut them it’s only $10-$20 extra.

Best rescue remedy to save money on restaurant deals is My Deal Bags as they round up all the deals from all the coupon sites. And if you’re planning a trip to other cities, you can subscribe to that list months ahead to score great deals. I’ve scored a deal for 2 drinks and 2 appetizers on a New York rooftop for $40.

Best rescue remedy for late night eats when you’re heading home from a heady night of drinking is 7-11.  My favorite late night food are their monster meaty wings available in 6 flavours for approximately $6.50 and hits the spot as they’re meatier than most wings I ever had. On Wing Wednesday they’re a steal at 6 for $3.50.

Best rescue remedy to enjoy those lazy summer days in Vancouver is the Vancouver International Jazz Festival It’s 3 weeks of free concerts at various outdoor venues such as Alex Lam Park park outside the Roundhouse Community Center.

Best rescue remedy for your overflowing closets of fashion finds is Michaels as they sell containers of every size, shape and colour. If you miss the huge annual 50% off storage sale after Boxing Day, there’s always a 40% or 50% coupon available on the website or Michaels smartphone app.



Best rescue remedy for vegging out and getting your diet back on track is Graze Vegetarian. This is a restaurant that create scrumptious plant based meals and have clever innovative substitutes for dairy such as ricotta cheese made from almonds. Sign up for their newsletter to find out about their feasts which offers you 6+ menu items for just $30 to $40

If you have any rescue remedies for your pocketbook, just comment below.  2014 edition promises to be bigger and better!.



Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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