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Meinhardt Fine Foods
609 Granville Street
Twitter: @MeinhardtFoods
Instagram: @meinhardtfinefoods
Cuisine: Specialty foods

As a Chinese person whose used to being greeted by my Chinese elders with not a hello but “Have You Eaten?”, well it just warmed my big ol empty stomach to see the welcoming committee at Meinhardt Fine Foods at Vancouver Foodster Holiday Market event greet us with platters of spiced shrimp, curry beef and egg nog. Meinhardt has a reputation of being the place to go for picnic fare as food here is always flavourful and fresh. I visit the downtown location for fresh salads and East Indian curry For lunch.

If you’re lactose intolerant like me, you’ll love the Caraway Cashew Cream Cheese from Blue Heron Cheese (@blueheroncheese) as it tastes just like the real thing. Blue Heron Cheese is the process of opening a storefront on Main Street or Fraser, but in the meantime Meinhardt carries her brand.

It’s a big hunk of burning …. ARC Iberico Imports (@ARC_HamCarver) ham which brings back memories of the 17 days I spent in Barcelona in 2016 as this is the staple of every Spanish person’s diet.

Moist and flavourful, this stollen from Terra Foods (@TerraFoods)will make your holiday guests happy. @TerraFoods

I’ll take this Purple Rain tea over real purple rain – very flavourful tea from JusTea with its bounty of fruit flavours and it’s fair trade ethical tea directly from Kenya farmers.

You need to show your ID before you can buy – Rum Cakes + Fruit Sauces from Maureen as it’s a heady boozy concoction.

Sal de Ibiza (@saldeibizanorthamerica) – Spanish Salts, Chips, Chocolate, Nuts – this company has the whole range of snacks guaranteed to put a smile on your lips but blow up your hips. Here the chips were so addicting as they were light and crunchy.


Vancouver Foodster Holiday MArket

Forget about maraschino cherries the Paw Paw’s Cocktail Cherries  (@pawpawscocktailcherries) are my new crack as they’re nothing like the sickly sweet maraschino cherries you get on top of drinks but real cherries doused lovingly in caramelized cane molasses. There’s apparently three kinds you can buy – original, Amaretto and Boulevard.

I’ve never met a plant based whole grain cracker I didn’t like as it always seems to have more texture and flavour than white flour crackers and the Lloyd-James Plant Based Whole Grain Crackers @laikicrackers proved to be the same. A great alternative for people with gluten allergies who want flavour and texture.




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Silk Road Tea
2066 West 4th Avenue
Twitter: @silkroadtea
Cuisine: Tea


After a night of tasting of various foods and beverages at Vancouver Foodster Holiday Market, it’s nice to end the night at Silk Road Tea with some soothing tea such as anti-inflammatory, electrolyte rich Quench Tea which is great for hangovers (I need a gallon of this for the morning after the company Xmas party) and Mulberry Tea which blocks sugar and carb absorption and prevents weight gain. I wonder if I’ll get a discount if I order this by the truckload in the New Year.

Besides tea, there were a lot of nice Xmas gifts under $30 such as the very festival travel mugs with dogs and antlers and the cute tea infusers for $17 which I liked as they varied from the cute pug in a mug to mana-tea. There’s also skin products, shampoos, massage oil and soaps made with natural and organic products

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