Kitty Nights Productions presents
Rock and Roll Carnival

New Rock & Roll Carnival shows to meld live rock music with immersive cabaret.
October 18, 2019

My Review of Rock & Roll Carnival

It’s a little bit of rock and a little bit of tassel twirling and bum twitching with a whole lot of freak at the Rock & Roll Carnival – Scary Monsters where The Hot & Heavy Band – (Doug Thoms, Mark Richardson, Denton Booth, Jason Koop and Barry Warne, David Stone on keys) got our toes tapping with rock classics such as Welcome to My Nightmare and Werewolves of London while The Rock & Roll Carnies (Burgundy Brixx, Damon Bradley Jang, Mz B Haven, Ann Narky and Jessie Rockley) entertained is with carnival antics from sword swallowing from Burgundy Brixx to sultry burlesque.

I don’t know if I was more terrified of the fact that this death defying act would go terribly wrong or the fact that sitting in the front seat would guarantee blood splatter on our clothes that would be hell to get out. And as it was a Halloween show, there were scary monsters from Frankenstein, giant eyeballs and snakes who interacted with the audience and even distributed Halloween candy while burlesque spiders and werewolves strutted their naughty bits with moves that albeit tasteful was more than slightly risqué – oh my! Although there’s was a lot of skin that was flaunted, there was no northern or southern exposures but a lot of tassel twirling wink wink.


Rock and Rock Carnival

Black Sabbath fans rejoiced as Sack Babbath took the stage and did Ozzy Osborne proud. But my favorite part of the production would have had to be the Rocky Horror Picture Show (which I’ve only see 200 times while drinking Paralyzers in milkshake containers) as Damon Jang’s rendition of Dr. Frank-N-Furter  should have had Tim Curry tweeting “Hey I look better than that B-*****CH in that black corset. “

Rock and Rock CarnivalHighly entertaining and provocative, the Rock & Roll Carnival is not a show for those looking for family entertainment that is, unless your family is the Adams Family.

About Rock and Roll Carnival

After an eleven-year run as Vancouver’s most popular burlesque show (having brought their show to Vancouver from New York City in 2008) the award-winning Kitty Nights Burlesque had decided to close the door on their long-running burlesque series last November, right in the midst of their popularity. “We’re so grateful for the show’s success, but we realized it had taken over our entire lives for over a decade.”Says Kitty Nights Productions producer Burgundy Brixx. “It was great, but my husband and I both come from professional careers in music and theatre which we missed. We realized that if we continued in the same way, we would never really be able to give our other passions the energy they needed to flourish.”

Kitty Nights Productions latest project is a long time in coming to fruition. It’s inspired by European cabaret and Spiegeltent (Dutch for mirror-tent) shows which strive to immerse the audience in the experience of the performance rather than keeping it confined to the stage. “Ever since my first visit to a Spiegeltent when we were working as performing artists in New York City over 15 years ago, I’ve dreamed of having a neo-cabaret Spiegeltent show of my own. An immersive, adult cabaret filled with great live music, bawdy humour, variety artists and surprises. I tried a show with a similar feel in 2013, but I’ve never really found a venue which was the right fit and feel. But when The Columbia contacted me with the idea of co-producing a series of shows, I knew I’d found the right space at last!”

Kitty Nights’ new new ROCK & ROLL CARNIVAL series will be presented in the historic cabaret-style main theatre of The Columbia Theatre in New Westminster.

With a belief that there is a crucial need for edgier nightlife entertainment outside of Vancouver’s city limits, Kitty Nights Productions is hoping their series will help invigorate the suburban arts and nightlife scene for those who have been forced out of the city limits by growing families and skyrocketing housing and rental prices. If the shows become popular, they even have plans to offer on-site babysitting services (for a nominal fee per child) so that parents can have a night of fun without worrying about rushing home to the sitter.

What can audiences expect from these new shows?

“I’ve always loved variety and cabaret arts, the carnival aesthetic; any experience that surprises and delights me.” Brixx says. “Kids live in a constant state of wonder and delight. I think it’s crucial for adults to be able to get back to that place.” These ROCK & ROLL CARNIVAL shows aim to do just that, but with a decidedly grown-up edge. They will feature new aspects such as a core ensemble of performers, The Rock & Roll Carnies (Ann Narky, Damon Bradley Jang, Jessie Rockley, Mz. B. Haven and Burgundy Brixx) and new interactive and immersive elements as well as some of the same features Kitty Nights fans have come to love over the years: rocking live band tributes to musical icons, fanciful variety and cabaret artists and big screen motion graphics.

Rock and Rock Carnival

    1. But, will there be burlesque?

“Burlesque is a huge part of my aesthetic and will always be part of my practice as a Neo-Cabaret Artist.” says Burgundy: an internationally recognized performer who has been named one of the top three Burlesque artists in Canada as well as being selected to compete for the world title in Las Vegas for three consecutive years. “So yes, there will be a strong presence of burlesque in these new shows, but it is definitely not the only performance style you’ll see on our stage!”


SCARY MONSTERS (and super creeps) 
Show at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm) The Columbia Theatre
530 Columbia Street, New Westminster
A Halloween cabaret featuring spooky classics and dark rock favorites by artists such as Alice Cooper, The Cramps and of course, a Rocky Horror section! Featuring Doug Thoms’ Hot & Heavy Band, Burgundy Brixx’s  Rock & Roll Carnies  and special guests.

Tickets are available for both shows online through Eventbrite and at The Columbia Theatre’s box office



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