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Dashing through the snow
On a Christmas holiday
to Rocky Mountain Flatbread we go
Laughing all the way
Cosmonauts make me sing
Making spirits bright
Oh what fun it is to knead and bake
at a pizza making party tonight.

Jingle Bells, flatbread smells
great when you make it your own way
Oh what fun it is to be
With friends this Christmas holiday
Oh Jingle Bells, flatbread smells
great when you make it your own way
Oh what fun it is to be
with friends this Christmas holiday

A day or two ago
We thought we’d take a class
Making drinks and flatbread
Was our only task
The flatbread was nice and crispy
And cocktails really strong
Kneading, shaking and mixing
And singing this silly song

**note writing funny Christmas carols is one of the side effects of having too much fun at a Holiday Pizza Making Party – just saying!


Rocky Mountain Flatbread Holiday Pizza Party

Mushroom Linguine with Daiya Smoked Gouda Cheese


My Review of the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Holiday Pizza Party

Before I became house rich and cash poor, I used to indulge in Christmas outings with friends where the champagne cocktails sparkled as brightly as my jewelry and the food at our four star restaurants was as spectacular as my star studded Steve Madden stilettos.  The tab at the end of the night was never an issue as I always had money to burn as my monthly rent of $675 was a mere fraction of my pay cheque.  But when you finally decide to buy that permanent roof over your head, it seems that you have to eat all your meals under that same roof as mortgage payments and various other miscellaneous fees make up more than half of your monthly budget.


Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Custom Pizza: chorizo, mushrooms, pesto chicken and vegan smoked Gouda cheese


So what is a socialite to do for holiday outings with my besties?  Head over to to Rocky Mountain Flatbread for a Holiday Pizza Party where for the mere price of $25 or $28, it includes three courses.  Of course, it’s always more fun, to make your own cocktails for an additional $20 or, if its couples night out, the guys can partake in a craft beer tasting for an additional $10.  See below for more details below for all these options.

Because I have a lactose intolerance, it’s always nice to come to a place that has dairy alternatives (there’s also gluten-free pizza crusts). Here at Rocky Mountain Flatbread, one of the newest vegan cheese added to the menu is Daiya Smoked Gouda made with tapioca starch, coconut cream and various other ingredients, which is not only delicious but tastes just like real cheese and seems to have the same consistency when it’s melted. This vegan cheese is used in Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s Vegan Pizzas, Mushroom Caps and Mushroom Linguine which I couldn’t get enough of as it’s being ages since I’ve had any pasta dish with a creamy sauce. I’m not vegan as I do eat meat, so I threw gobs of this vegan cheese on my custom made pizza at the Holiday Pizza Party.

There was also oodles of different pizzas for us to try at the Holiday Pizza Party for media, but I can’t personally give you any tasting notes about the ones that had real cheese.  I can though tell you that the two vegan pizzas listed below were delicious as the Daiya Smoked Gouda added the cheesy creaminess that I’ve missed from not having any type of cheese on pizzas.  They say sharing is caring, but next time I’m here, I will be ordering my own and not sharing.


Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Vegan pizza with Daiya Smoked Gouda and Beyond Sausage

Forager – Tomato Sauce , vegan smoked gouda, spinach, medley of local mushrooms, butternut squash, caramelized onions, truffle oil.
Beyond Sausage – Tomato sauce, spinach, artichokes, red bell peppers, vegan beyond sausage, caramelized onions, vegan smoked gouda, hemp heart, balsamic reduction, local grown sunflower sprouts.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Earl Grey Gin Cocktails

At our Holiday Pizza Party, we learnt how to make two cocktails: Earl Grey Gin and Cosmonaut.  Both were tasty, but I definitely preferred the Cosmonaut as it tasted like a Cosmopolitan  but had its own unique mixture of ginger ale and cranberry juice.

We also tasted three craft beers.  33 Acres of Sunshine and Four Winds Juxtapose Wild IPA had a light body while the Hoye Dark Matter had more body and a more complex flavour as it was a porter beer.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Craft Beer

33 Acres of Sunshine – Vancouver, BC. French blanche style hazy lager,with notes of fruity orange peel & coriander.
Four Winds Juxtapose wild IPA, Delta, BC. Tropical & funky, mango & pineapple notes come together in a mid-sweet, slightly sour hazy IPA.
Hoye Dark Matter, Victoria, BC. Smooth & light porter with rich, roasted grain notes, toffee sweetness & bitter chocolates.craft beers


Details About Holiday Pizza Parties
at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

A Rocky Mountain Flatbread pizza party is the perfect topping to your holiday season …

Plan a holiday pizza party at Rocky Mountain Flatbread to add a slice of fun to your corporate or family event. Choose from the Holiday Pizza Making Package or the $25 Three Course Menu to entertain your group.

The restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten wise options and is completely nut free.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad (vegan available).


The Holiday Pizza Making Package

The holiday pizza making package includes a hosted pizza making station with the option to add craft cocktail making or a tasting of local craft beers. Prepare to get floured and roll up your sleeves as the pizza host guides your party group to create delicious artisan pizzas! Sip seasonal handcrafted cocktails or local craft beer while the pizza creations are baked in the Forno Fired Pizza Oven… and then the tasting begins!

The holiday pizza making package includes:

Party Nibbles: Selection of Forno flatbread with house made dips and organic salads.

Pizza Making: Your personal pizza making host will guide you in rolling out your dough, spreading house made organic tomato sauce, sprinkling scrumptious Canadian cheeses, and adding your favourite gourmet toppings.

Dessert: Platters of warm double chocolate brownies served with house made vanilla ice cream or bring your own nut free cake.

Pricing: $28 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity.

Add Craft Cocktail Making: Add $20 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity.
A cocktail host guides your group through creating two seasonal craft cocktails.

Add Local Craft Beer Tasting: Add $10 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity.
Enjoy two 10 oz glasses of local craft beers poured and presented by your bartender.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Holiday Pizza Party


The $25 Three Course Menu

The $25 three course party menu features local organic dishes to satisfy any palate. With loads of gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and meat lover options, this is the perfect spot to gather friends around the table! Available for parties over ten.

Party Nibbles: Selection of Forno flatbread with house made dips and organic salads.

Artisan Pizzas: Choose from a variety of Rocky Mountain Flatbread pizzas featuring house made organic tomato sauce, Canadian cheese, and fresh, local and organic gourmet toppings.

Dessert: Think warm double chocolate brownies served with house made vanilla ice cream, or bring your own nut free cake.

Pricing: $25 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity.

Additional Party Option: Ask about the $25 cocktail and appie menus.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream (vegan available)

How to Book

​​​​Book a party reservation today online or call to book your spot at any of the three Metro Vancouver locations: ​
Kitsilano, 1876 West 1st Ave, Vancouver. Ph: 604-730-0321
Main Street, 4186 Main St.​, Vancouver. Ph: 604-566-9779
South Surrey, Unit 105 5570 152 St, Surrey. Ph: 604-372-1297

For more information, visit


Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Custom Pizzas with vegan and gluten free options


About Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Rocky Mountain Flatbread takes pride in providing sustainably produced, local food that connects the farm, family and community. Visit our two Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant locations in Vancouver (Main Street & Kitsilano), new locations in South Surrey and Calgary, or the original restaurant that started it all in Canmore, Alberta. Food court locations include Rocky Mountain Flatbread Express in Banff. For more information,  visit





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