On one of my daily leisurely one hour strolls before work, I came across a sign advertising FRANCESCO’S happy hour special promotions and I knew that I’d have to try Francesco’s happy hour specials as I’ve been to a few media events here that were nothing short of spectacular.

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On the happy hour menu, there are $1.96 oysters and $7.95 wine which I didn’t order as other happy hour promotions offer this at lower prices. I was more interested in their half price martinis and cocktails (regular price: $12-$13) which had some interesting selections such as the Godfather (Brandy, gin, OJ), Don Corleone (Stoli Vodka and ginger beer) and Rossini (Flor Prosecco and Frangoli strawberry liquor).

As for appys which were also 50% off, I ordered mussels and beef carpaccio while my friend had the meatballs. At full price, the appetizers averaged out at $13 -$16. So I was happy to pay the discounted price for what I knew would be food well executed.



Mussels were served with a light savoury broth and beef carpaccio sliced ultra thin and served with grainy mustard. Both very tasty and executed perfectly.

On Sundays, Francisco’s offers a $11 pasta special if you’re craving carbs and I’d highly recommend EVERYTHING.

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Sure there are hundreds more happy hours out there with lower prices. but a great happy hour for me is one which offers the highest quality of food at reasonable prices and that’s what you can true value.

And don’t surprise if you spot a celebrity or two at Francesco’s. as the Sutton Hotel is across the street where many a twinkle twinkle big stars stay when they’re filming in town. And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be doing more than just rubbing elbows with a movie star or two as they have been known to dine at Francesco’s -wink wink..

860 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC





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