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Spot Prawn season means Southern-style Donnelly Group feasts – The Blackbird & New Oxford
to host 4th annual Spot Prawn boils

Though Donnelly Group is BC born-and-raised, it’s been won over by Southern culture and it will again celebrate Spot Prawn season with its fourth annual series of Spot Prawn Boil dinners.

The New Oxford and The Blackbird Public House will pay tribute to Southern-style seafood boils, dishing up perfectly seasoned prawns and veggies from the pot onto newspaper covered tables. These aren’t nights for fine china and silverware, as guests are encouraged to dig into these family-style feasts and serve themselves from the bounty on the table. Each dinner is being paired with delicious beer from Driftwood Brewing Co.

“Spot Prawn Season is a great chance to show off some amazing local bounty in a classic way,” said Donnelly Group Executive Chef Alvin Pillay. “We could dress them up in complicated ways, but we think that Spot Prawns are best prepared casually, simply, and with some great BC craft beer.”

The Blackbird will host its prawn boil on Tuesday, May 23rd with The New Oxford serving it up on Wednesday, May 24th. A limited number of tickets for these events are available via for $50 per person (plus service charge).

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