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What do We Accept for Submission?

Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver is a site designed to save consumers money in the area of food, wine, beauty products, fashion, arts and crafts and various other consumer goods.  We also focus on events such as theatre, opera, dance venues, comedy, festivals, fundraising events, awards presentations.  All of the above though must be at a price point to be considered frugal or of a great value to the consumer.  For example, wine and food tasting events in this site are usually priced at under $80 (Dish ‘N’ Dazzle is $69 but is an event which has over 20 wineries and 12 restaurants), arts and entertainment events under $50 and products under $50 (Hudson Bay promotions where a $35 purchase gets you a $120 free gift).

Some examples:

  • Spend $35 on Lancome to get a gift worth $120 at the Bay from June 1 to June 30;
  • Dish ‘N Dazzle is a fundraising event for BC Hospitality which features 20 wineries and 12 restaurants and is $69;
  • Home and Design Show is a trade show where you can not only talk directly to exhibitors and receive discounts but there are also free seminars;
  • Metro Theatre has live theatre and sometimes opera performances for less than $30;
  • Armadillo Boutique is a locally owned fashion boutique that features designer fashion at outlet prices;
  • Beauty Night has various fundraising events in which $50 or less includes wine, food and fashion shows or various other entertainment.

If you have an online shopping site, the only way we will promote you is through advertising.  Please go to the Advertising Page for our fee schedule.


However, there are some exceptions to the above:

  1. Food Reviews: Although my food reviews feature food reviews for restaurants that may not be considered frugal, very often these restaurants will be part of Dine Out Vancouver or will feature a promotion in the future. We also like to promote locally owned restaurants which feature talented chefs.  I have two categories for food reviews:  sponsored and unsponsored.  Regardless of this category, all food reviews will be written in an objective manner.
  2. Product Reviews:   Because this site features promotions for beauty products, food and wine promotions, we do review these types of products as long as their price point is not “expensive”.
  3. Travel:  We have featured some travel articles in British Columbia because travelling locally is considered frugal as it saves you money on flights.

Press Releases

If you wish to submit a press release, please submit this at least three to four days before the event, otherwise there is no guarantee that it will be published due to our busy schedule.  Press releases should be a form where it can easily be reproduced.  If we have to rewrite it, there is no guarantee that it will be published as we may not have the time.


Media Invitations

Please submit your invitation to a media event at least one to two weeks in advance.  If your event is located further than one hour travel time from downtown Vancouver, arrangement for transportation should be provided, or in lieu, compensation for transportation costs.  Photos taken at the event are considered the property of Fabulously Innovative Marketing, but high-resolution copies of photos will be emailed to you at your request at no charge. The blog post for the event will be posted on the site within 2-3 weeks unless it is time sensitive.



I promote contests either through a blog post, twitter or Facebook related to the event or food review.  Winners are chosen randomly and I will collect the winner(s) email address and forward it to the appropriate person.


Contact Us

Please submit your requests to: .


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