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2020 Hot Chocolate Festival

2020 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival Dairy-Free Choices

Here's my list of the non-dairy hot chocolate and vegan hot chocolate choices at the 2020 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival (Jan 18 - Feb 4, 2019) . Some places may not list non-dairy options on their website, just ask

Koko Monk Chocolates

The Chocolate Whisperer Opens a Second Koko Monk Chocolates Location

The Chocolate Whisperer opens a Second Koko Monk Chocolates Location Much like your first kiss, when that first bite of a chocolate carefully crafted by Paul Dincer, hits your taste bud, waves of sublime pleasure will overcome your taste buds prompting you to ride another wave with yet another …

Koko Monk

Koko Monk Chocolates Kickstarter campaign for new location

Photo Credit:  Koko Monk   Koko Monk Chocolates launches Kickstarter campaign for second location Vancouver bean-to-bar chocolate shop known for its unique hot chocolate offers organic, refined sugar-free hot chocolate cubes for supporters of pledge campaign Paul Dincer, founder of Koko Monk …

Hot Chocolate Festival

Dairy-Free Choices at The Hot Chocolate Festival

Curry coconut hot chocolate at Kokomonk with burnt sesame and raspberry scotch chocolates   The Hot Chocolate Festival is back from January 19 – February 14, 2019 35 CHOCSTARS —  26 DAYS — 75 CRAZY FLAVOURS! .. Every year I try to make it to two or three places for the Hot …