Black and Blue

Black and Blue Three Course Dinner for $90 (reg $180) – buy before Sept 7

Buy Up Before The Time’s Up featuring Glowbal Group Black and Blue three course dinner for two for only $90 (reg $180). Buy before Sept 7; valid Sundays & Mondays only


The Roof is Vancouver’s Most Sophisticated, Stylish and Sexiest Rooftop Patio

  “Of all the rooftop patios in all of Vancouver, you just had to walk into mine.” Like a scene out of the classic movie “Casablanca”, The Roof which is Black + Blue’s third floor restaurant and deck, is a classy, sophisticated sexy outdoor space that is the …


Eat, Drink and Be Merry During Glowbal Collection Cocktail Hour

Shut the front door and don’t let the rain in, but you can enjoy appetizers for 1/2 price off during the Glowbal Collection Cocktail Hour at all of the Glowbal Group of Restaurants (Glowbal, Coast, Italian Kitchen, Trattoria, Black+Blue, The Fish Shack) from Monday to Friday, 3pm to 6pm (at …