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Frugal Shopping Tips

Frugal Shopping Tips for Shopping in Vancouver

As an Asian girl there’s nothing we like better than shopping except for getting a great deal when we go shopping.  We may spend big money on big cars and big houses, but when it to everything else, honey we know there’s a deal to be had.  From free warranties on electronics to $170 …

Value Village Sale

Value Village sale of holiday items at fifty percent off

The “50% OFF Value Village sale of Used Seasonal Items” Holiday Clearance offer is only valid at Canadian stores from Friday, December 18 – Saturday, December 26. Offer includes Used Seasonal items (clothing, home décor, linens). Also includes New (red tag) Holiday-themed items …


Rescue Remedies for Your Pocketbook, 2013 Edition

Feast of San Genaro – $3 rings, bracelets and earrings All the major foodies I know have just blogged the best things they put in their mouth in 2013.  Well, not being a food blogger but rather a frugalista, here’s my list of the best buys that kept the most pennies in my purse which I …