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Gout de France

Jules Bistro Celebrates Gout de France

Jules Bistro Celebrates Gout de France on March 21 Jules Bistro will participate in the annual international celebration of French cuisine with restaurants from around the world on March 21st for Goût de France. Goût de France is a celebration of French culinary heritage. The event was founded in …

Ethnic Happy Hours

Ethnic Happy Hours in Vancouver

Ethnic Happy Hours in Vancouver I call myself the Queen of Happy Hours because even before it became legalized, I was tweeting and blogging about it. So I’m always looking for happy hours that offer a happy hour menu with food that isn’t offered at other places so what’s better …


Vancouver Foodster presents the 4th Annual Poutine Challenge

  This is our fourth Poutine Challenge featuring 14 restaurants in Vancouver, Richmond and Langley, that runs from February 5-28, 2015. Participating restaurants are showcasing Poutine creations that were created just for this challenge and all will be offered in all of these establishments …


Gastown Brunch Crawl – a journey of rustic and quaint eateries

  I remember when Gastown used to be a couple of blocks of cheap tourist traps and every time I heard a cash register ring, I’d say “Look, another tourist just got ripped off”. But now with new condo developments springing up faster than reality TV shows about my fat ass, …