Tomato Festival

Tomato Festival returns to Provence for the month of Aug with a 3 course menu

Photo Credit: Provence  TOMATO TEMPTATIONS BECKON AT PROVENCE AT THE TOMATO FESTIVAL It doesn’t matter whether you call them ‘tomatoes,’ ‘tomahtoes,’ ‘tomates’ or ‘pomodoro’ – everyone agrees that the tomato is the ultimate summer ingredient. Eaten fresh-picked out-of-hand, chopped into salsas and …


food & time – themed six course dinners at Secret Location

From January 6 to March 1, 2016, Secret Location’s six course tasting menu will commemorate historic eras marked by politics, customs, geography and beliefs. These meaningful times shape our world view and help us tell you memorable stories through food. We’ll be regularly updating this page …


Extended to Sept 22 – Celebrate the Tomato at Provence with special three-course prix fixe menus

 … …   *** EXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER 22 *** YOU SAY TOMATO AND I SAY TOMAHTO, BOTH ARE TASTY AT PROVENCE Ahhh tomatoes – the ultimate summer food – ripe, juicy and brimming with sunshine goodness. Tomatoes are a passion for many people – including Provence Chefs/Proprietors …