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Senior Discounts

Senior Discounts from 40 to 65 – listed by age

I was shocked to learn that discounts for “seniors” start at age 40 at some hotel chains (mainly American), and to that end, decided to compile my list of senior discounts and list it by age for easy convenience. I’ll be updating this list as I find the discounts.  Note that some …


Celebrate Bistro Pastis’ 15th anniversary with 25% off dinner and wine from May 15 to June 15

Bistro Pastis has just celebrated 15 wonderful years as one of Vancouver’s finest restaurants but John does not want to end the celebrations just yet. John is extending the party to show his gratitude to all his loyal patrons over the years. From May 15 to June 15 Bistro Pastis is offering …


Celebrate Federico’s 15th Anniversary

Photo Credit:  Federico’s Yes, it’s our birthday!  And, we would like to thank our guests and Vancouver for supporting us throughout these 15 years, and for believing in what we do! Because of your support, we have achieved this milestone – and from the bottom of our hearts …


Rescue Remedies for Your Pocketbook, 2013 Edition

Feast of San Genaro – $3 rings, bracelets and earrings All the major foodies I know have just blogged the best things they put in their mouth in 2013.  Well, not being a food blogger but rather a frugalista, here’s my list of the best buys that kept the most pennies in my purse which I …