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Face Shop Chia Seed

Remarkable Face Shop Chia Seed Skin Products – My Review

At the time of the media event for the Face Shop Chia Seed and Belif, I had an eczema outbreak on my face. So receiving these products came at an opportune time as it’s always difficult for me to find skin products that don’t sting as my skin is sensitive to harsh chemicals in skin …


Anti-aging PhysioLift Products from Pierre Fabre – My Review

Eau Thermal Avene PhysioLift is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkling solution made of Ascofilline (brown algae), Hyaluronic acid mono-oligomers and Retinaldehyde. All these ingredients together smooth wrinkles, make skin firmer and more luminous. During the time I used all the PhysioLift products, my …

Klorane Eye Makeup

Hypoallergenic Pierre Fabre Products For Your Daily Night Regime

End your Night with these hyper allergenic products   They say the most important part of your beauty regime is what you put on your skin on night. From eye makeup removers to cleansing lotions to mud masks, it’s all about using the most effective product that will not only cleanse your …