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Key Party Media Party – Cocktail Photo Gallery


Beyond Burger at White Spot Media Photo Gallery


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Tasting Plates West End

My review of 2018 Tasting Plates West End

[To view the photo gallery on a smart phone, scroll to bottom of page and click on “View as Full Site”] Everyone I know, including me, that has been in Vancouver for more than 15 years has lived in the West End at some time. Only a few establishments remain from my time such as …

Cookie Challenge

Vancouver Foodster presents the Cookie Challenge

    Vancouver Foodster presents the Cookie Challenge Welcome to the first ever Vancouver Foodster Cookie Challenge. Bakeries and cafes from all over the city were invited to create a new Cookie into this challenge. Each bakery and cafe will be featuring their Cookie creation on their …


Tasting Plates Fifth Anniversary – My Review

As a foodie I’m not sure if it’s more of a pleasure to discover hidden gems at Tasting Plates events organized by Vancouver Foodster aka Richard Wolak or to discover new dishes at old restaurants I love. At the Tasting Plates Fifth Anniversary event it seemed to be the best of downtown …