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Fat Bastard Wines

Fat Bastard Is in the House – My Review of Fat Bastard Wines

    Fat Bastard is in the House – Fat Bastard Wines that Is   When the receptionist told me that Fat Bastard was in the house I thought to myself, “Damn, who told my ex I worked here?” Much to my relief it wasn’t the fat bastard I had been married to over 15 …


Ode to the Rose Wine Program at The Wine Bar and Provence

Ode to the Rose Wine Program at The Wine Bar and Provence On June 1, 2018, Chef Jean-francis Quaglia and Wine Director Joshua Carlson launched a rosé wine program at and The Wine Bar  and Provence offering 46 rosés, bringing the total amount of wines being offered by the glass to 240 which is the …

Savour Spain

Recap of Savour Spain Vanwinefest Event

[To view this photo gallery, go to bottom of this page and click on “View as Full Site”] … Eating and Drinking My Way Through Spain at Savour Spain   Is there anything better than spending time in Spain where you can truly savour all that she has to offer from $2 cavas and …

Evolve Wine

My tasting notes of Evolve Cellars Wines

  I laugh whenever someone tells me that if I keep drinking beer I’ll eventually find one I like and in response I say okay that will happen once I try every single varietal from every winery on earth because honey it’s the taste of grape I love and all its underlying fruit notes. …


The Tipsy Asian Tweeting at Your Feet wine notes from the New Zealand wine trade tasting

The only other thing I like better than drinking New Zealand wines is making fun at the names of New Zealand wine. As a tipsy Asian tweeting at your feet who owns the hashtag #LolYouHadMeAtFirstSip, I often wonder if I’m invited to events for my ability to spew out 100 photo wonders, 100 …


25 under $25 Wines Seminar at the Vancouver International Wine Festival

 Click here to see all the photos of this event Being fabulously frugal means never having to sale I’m sorry, but I got this on sale.  That is unless it comes to wine as I never make my choices based on what’s on sale that day but rather on what I like.  That being said, when it comes …


Vanwinefest Announces Australia as 2015 Theme Country

Click here to see my photos from the Australian Wine Trade Tasting Syrah As Global Focus The Vancouver International Wine Festival, presented by The Vancouver Sun, wrapped up its 36th extravaganza of wine and food on Sunday and bid a fond au revoir to France and Bubbly, its 2014 theme country and …


Travelling down the purple grape road to the vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon at the Mediterranean Mingler

Click here to see all the photos of the Mediterranean Mingler If you’re a serious oenophile, then you are no doubt familiar with the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon as this region comprises 700,000 acres spanning the Mediterranean coastline from the French border with Spain to the region of …


Vancouver Int’l Wine Festival – France Bubbly Party on Feb 25 at Ginger 62

France Bubbly Party Tuesday, February 25 Ginger 62 1219 Granville Street 9-11 p.m. $65 Three little words to make your heart sing: France. Bubbly. Party. Nine wine producers from throughout France serving 18 sparkling wines, including Champagnes and Crémants. Food stations featuring charcuterie …


Tasting all the sweet vines of life at the Australian Wine Trade Tasting

Click here to see all the photos for this event   There’s a new wine sipper in town and her name is the Wine Sweetie and her mission to swirl and sip the sweet and refreshing wines at tastings. Although I do adore Malbecs, Grenaches and Shiraz, at a wine tasting the freshly openly …