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A Taste of Quebec in Vancouver at PICAchef
(Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts)

Pacific Institute of the Culinary Arts, in  partnership with the Quebec government is highlighting Quebec’s finest culinary producers during the week of April 8 as a part of the Grocery Showcase West tradeshow on April 1-2. Rendez-Vous Gourmet Quebec is a unique professional culinary event that will be taking place for the first time in Vancouver.

Canada boasts a vast and varied selection of regional cuisines, each supported by a cohort of local producers. Rendez-Vous Gourmet Québec is a national showcase of Quebec’s finest culinary producers and a celebration of French province’s terroir cuisine. Pacific Institute of the Culinary Arts is honored to partner with the Quebec government in this exciting food focused event.

To celebrate, the marina-side Bistro at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts will serve a special tasting menu created by ITHQ chef John Lapierre-Réhayem to highlight ingredients from Quebec producers on April 8-12. Guests are invited to take in breathtaking views of the Vancouver skyline and North Shore mountains while sampling the finest products and latest trends from the Quebec culinary scene.

Some menu features will include butternut squash terrine with sea buckthorn and crispy camelina with fresh Quebec cheese; and Broome Lake duck magret with maple and soy glaze, black garlic puree, parsnip, kale, and pickled mushrooms. The Rendez-Vous Gourmet Quebec menu will be available for lunch, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and dinner from 6 pm onwards. Reservations can be made by calling 604.734.0101 or by visiting www.bistro101.com.

On Wednesday, April 3, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts will host a private tasting event at the Bistro for trade professionals to meet Québec food artisans. Attendees can expect to experience a variety of specialty cheese, bison meat, foie gras, macarons, and much more. This culinary event is presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in Québec (MAPAQ) and the Bureau du Québec à Toronto and their Agrifood attaché, David Dupuy, Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec in collaboration with Restaurants Canada and the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. ITHQ chefs Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem and Samuel Sirois (Bocuse d’or Team Canada) will be present at the event.

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Michelle Lan

Chef Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem

Executive Chef, Restaurant de I’ITHQ Chef Jonathan is a graduate of the ITHQ/s Formation supérieure en cuisine (Advanced Culinary Arts) program in 2008, Chef Jonathan honed his expertise in Japan, France and China before working in the kitchens of many renowned Montreal resturants such as Brontë, XO Le Restaurant (Hotel Le St-James), Au Cinquième Péché, La Montée de Lait and for the last past five years, Laloux. A young chef who has trained alongside of Pierre Gagnaire, Edouard Loubet, Joe Mercuri and Martin Juneau. Chef Jonathan holds an unconditional love for local, seasonal, eco-friendly, small farm and craft products.

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICAchef)

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts was founded in 1997 and is located at the entrance of Granville Island, one of Vancouver’s most iconic tourism and hospitality destinations. Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s premier culinary training centers, the institute’s offerings range from professional diploma programs in the culinary and the baking and pastry arts to wine education and cooking classes for the public. An on-site bakery and marina-side bistro, operated by students in the professional programs, ensures that there is something for every kind of culinary enthusiast. Committed to excellence, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts’ mission is to provide the highest quality culinary and hospitality education to all.



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