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I’m not a vegetarian, although if you follow me on Instagram you may scream and shout “Yes you are”. But due to my lactose intolerance issue, I frequent vegan establishments more than restaurants that are vegetarian as those places may contain cheese and other milk products that make my stomach twist and shout and not with glee! Some vegetarian places do though offer vegan options but I always ask as it is not always so clear on the menu as cheese in vegetarian restaurants may be “real cheese” and not vegan. Luckily, I was able to have most of the food on the Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian event on June 26, 2019, so read on.

Chance Cafe
3424 Commercial St, Vancouver
Instagram @chancecafevancouver
Cuisine: Cafe

Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

Tofu Coconut Thai Curry (red or green) on Jasmine Rice with Jasmine Sweet Tea

Chance Cafe is located in such an obscure location that I think they named it Chance Cafe because you might have run across this place by chance. First of all, the address with its even number is not even on the correct side of the street as all the other addresses are odd on this side – how drunk was the person who delegated the number anyhow? No matter, its on Commercial Street just before you hit Commercial Drive – confused?  It’s a cute little cafe which serves organic and fair trade coffee, healthy smoothies, bubble tea, ice cream and even food. There’s even Premium World First Red Espresso Rooibus which is caffeine free but has five times more antioxidants than green tea. Or try a healthy smoothie such as the Upriser Smoothie. with mango, spinach, kale, orange juice and a pinch of tumeric.


Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

My friend and I tried the two different curries and they were delicious as they had all the flavour of typical Thai curries with the spiciness. The portions were big with enough rice to soak up the delicious sauce that surrounded the tofu and red peppers. The Jasmine Sweet Tea was refreshing and wasn’t too sweet and to me it tasted like a cross between regular ice tea with jasmine flavour thrown in.


Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian
1392 Kingsway, Vancouver
Instagram @eatdochay
Cuisine: Vietnamese

Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

Homemade XO Potstickers, spicy mushroom XO filling in a homemade potsticker, sweet soya drizzle, fried garlic
Glass dumplings, banana leaf wrapped tapioca dumplings filled with jicama and mung bean served with our homemade ish sauce
Monsoon Roll, mixed root and tofu slaw, Vietnamese herbs and traditional greens wrapped in a rice wrapper and served with our pineapple chili sauce


There was a lineup when we arrived at our last stop on the Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian. Good sign. As my friend and I were so full that we actually had our Tasting Plates here packaged to go. But two days later, I finally got around to heating up this wonderful trio of Vietnamese food. I liked the mushroom pot stickers as I’m a mushroom fan and it had subtle spices which didn’t overtake the flavour of the mushrooms. The Moonsoon Dumplings were filling with root vegetables and I loved how the sweet and tart flavours of the pineapple contrasted with the spicy chili sauce. The Glass Tapioca Dumplings I liked the least as I think the filling was a little too bland and just needed some chili sauce or even a sweet red bean or taro filling would have been nice. I did like the texture though.

Do Chay Saigon is a place definitely worth going back to as I’d love to try other vegetarian dishes such as Coconut Rice Cakes, Black Truffle Tofu, Spring Rolls, Pan Fried Daikon Cakes with papaya slaw and egg sound or Seitan Calamari as I’m curious as to how a vegetarian dish can taste like calamari.


2815 Main Street
Twitter: @maizalyvr
Instagram: @maizal_yvr
Cuisine: Mexican

Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

Passionfruit mojito

I’ve been to Maizal before it’s basically reminds me of the homey Mexican establishments you find in Mexican.  The food is not fancy, but good.  I found our Ague Tofu with Salsa Verde and the Plaintain Toasta very flavourful, but my only beef was that there was a little too much sour cream – even back in the day when I could have dairy, I still would not have liked this much on my food.  The Passionfruit Mojito was very flavourful and didn’t contain that much alcohol which I was happy about as it didn’t overpower the mango flavour.  If I want pure alcohol, I just go for the straight tequila straight out of the bottle.  My favorite item was the Churros as they were light and crispy and had a delicious salted caramel sauce on them.  I wish they would have served me more than just two.  I will definitely be back just to have these.


Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian


Ague tofu on salsa verde mini rice bowl, plaintain tosta, vegan churros & chocolate,


Ignite Pizzeria
2588 Main St, Vancouver
Instagram @ignitepizzeria
Cuisine: Pizzeria

Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

Spring Vegan, tomato sauce, spinach, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes)
Vegan Fungi, friarelli, vegan ricotta, cardoncelli mushrooms

I’ve been to Ignite Pizzeria before as it’s been featured at on one of the Tasting Plates Events and I’ve noticed that they just opened a small location across from the Waterfront Station which I’ll have to check out to see if they have vegan slices offered there.  The one thing that Ignite Pizzeria states that makes their pizza different than other establishments is that their low sodium dough rests for more than three days which makes it lighter and easier to digest than other pizzas (they also age their parmesan for 12-18 months).  Verdict, yes it’s true.  It’s so good straight out of the pizza oven with its crisp edges.  The vegan ricotta was as I remembered ricotta with the same texture and mild flavour.  I loved my two slices although I would have preferred a little more tomato sauce on the Spring Vegan.  Usually when I have pizza, I order it without any cheese and just add plenty of spicy meats.  But if you look on their delivery menu online, there is only one choice of vegan pizza and none which offer vegan cheese so I’m not sure if this is only offered when you actually come to the establishment.

Tasting Plates East Van Vegetarian

Marinated Mushrooms, mozzarella, marinated oyster mushrooms, ricotta, aged parmesan, truffle oil drizzle
Giuseppe’s Choice, tomato sauce, fior di latte, soppressota, bacon, carmelized onions, black onions

My friend ordered the non-vegan Marinated Mushrooms and Giuseppe’s Choice and like me, she really loved the crust which wowed her so much that she vowed to bring her whole family here for her next family outing, although I probably suspect that with three men in the family, she’d probably have to order 4 pizza pies.




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