Tasting Plates Fraser

Tasting Plates Fraser

Tasting Plates Fraser
and Main Street Review

From fragrant Italian coffee, plant-based food, infused honey spreads, authentic Greek food to tasty flatbreads, Fraser and Main Street Tasting Plates took us on a tasty culinary journey through these two hoods. The following is my review of restaurants I visited at the Tasting Plates Fraser and Main Street.


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Main Street Honey Shoppe (4125 Main Street)
The Main Street Honey Shoppe
4125 Main Street, Vancouver
Web: http://www.mainstreethoney.com/
Twitter: @MainStreetHoney
Cuisine: Honey and bakery cafe


Tasting Plates Fraser


I use honey every day as I find the flavour so much more tasty than refined white sugar. And at Main Street Honey Shoppe, there’s so many flavours ranging from Cinnamon, Buckwheat, Raspberry, Blueberry, Creamed and even seasonal flavours such as Pumpkin which I’ve bought here. It’s a great way to add flavours to your coffee. And the great thing about the honey here’s is that it’s natural with no preservatives. But more than just honey you can buy beeswax candles, bee pollen, body care products and royal jelly.  At this year’s Fraser Tasting Plates, there was a new product that I haven’t seen, which was Truffle Honey.  If you love truffles, well, you’ll love this, as it adds a contrasting earthy flavour to the sweetness of the honey.

Tasting Plates Fraser

ECLETTICO Art & Coffee
4172 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Web: http://www.eclettico.ca/
Twitter: @Eclettico_
Instagram @Eclettico_Art_Coffee

Tasting Plates Fraser

Prosciutto Di Parma & Provolone Panini, Dolci Fiori, Espresso

With a coffee bar on every block – or so it seems – coffee fanatics in Vancouver are willing to pay for a good cup of java. Here at Eclettico the coffee beans are from Northern Italy and espresso is prepared with Italian Victoria Arduino lever espresso machine to give the best flavour while the milk used is organic.  Verdict:  great coffee, but then again, then premium beans, you can’t make a bad cup.  The Panini wasn’t bad, but needed more filling such as maybe lettuce or tomato as it was just a piece of prosciutto and cheese.  Me and my foodie companions loved the Dolci Fior, as it was pastry with a chocolate filling.

Nammos Estiatorio
3980 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Twitter: @NammosVan
Cuisine: Greek

Tasting Plates Fraser

Zucchini fritter, Keftes meatball and pita with Tarama fish roe

If there’s one thing the Greeks know how to do, it’s drinking ouzo and cooking great Greek food. And although I haven’t seen the staff at Nammos Estiatorio drink ouzo, I can vouch that the food here is divine as I’ve been here at a previous Tasting Plate event and also for happy hour (daily 2-5pm) which was a very happy time indeed. Eating the food here just brings back memories of Mykonos, where I spent seven glorious days feasting on Greek food and Greek Gods, oops, did I just say that out loud?

My favorite thing on our Tasting Plate was the Zucchini Fritter as the texture inside was light and you could definitely taste the zucchini although it was in very small pieces, probably grated.  I’ve never seen Zucchini Fritters on any menus ever.  The pita was flavourful and crispy although I had to scrape off the topping which had dairy on it. The Keftes meatball was good, although I do prefer eating lamb chops or roasted lamb Greek style.  One day I’ll have to keep the promise to myself to come back and try Paidakia (lamb chops) or Arni Psito (oven roasted lamb shoulder) finished with the Loukoumades which are Greek donut balls filled with honey or Nutella.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co
4186 Main Street, Vancouver
Web: http://www.rockymountainflatbread.ca
Twitter: @flatbreadco
Instagram: @rockymountainflatbread

Tasting Plates Fraser

Vegan Beyond Sausage Flatbread, Vegetarian Farmer’s With Rhubarb and Parma Flatbread with Red Sangria

Every time Rocky Mountain Flatbread is featured on a Tasting Plate event, I usually can’t eat it due to the fact that dairy hates my guts even though I don’t know what I did to piss it off lol. But at this event, they actually had a flatbread with Beyond Sausage which they gave me three slices since I couldn’t have the other two selections.  Because I previously attended a media event where I had the opportunity to make my own flatbread and which I customized with plenty of chorizo sausage, capicola, pesto and tomato sauce, I found myself comparing that perfect customized flatbread to this.  I think it needed a bit more sauce to it or even a dollop of tomato sauce as there seemed to be only pesto sauce on it.  My friends said the choice of rhubarb was interesting on the pizza but preferred the Parma because they loved cheese.  The Red Sangria definitely hit the spot as this was our last spot and we could relax.  It wasn’t too boozy but very refreshing with nice fruit flavours.

Tasting Plates Fraser

Note that Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co has a number of promotions that you simply can’t pass up if you like their flatbread.

  • On Tuesday, you can get 3 courses for $22
  • On Mondays, pizza making is only $11.95-$19.95 with glass of wine for $6
  • On Wednesdays, glasses and bottles of VQA wine half price all day

4129 Main Street, Vancouver
Web: https://quesava.com/quesava-cafe/
Twitter: @quesavatribe
Cuisine: South American

Tasting Plates Fraser

Garlic Cheese Popper, jackfruit Empanada, Bruschetta with eggplant and zucchini and Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie 

People following me on social media might think I’m a vegantarian (yes it’s a word in the Urban Dictionary) as I go to a lot of vegan places such as Umaluma, Meet on Main and Blue Heron Creamy because I can tolerant small amounts of dairy. So I was excited to try food here.

First of all, I noticed that menu items on Quesava’s website was marked DF or V. I had always thought that vegan meant plant based therefore no dairy as that is animal. V means vegan which is plant based products which normally don’t have dairy which is animal, but may have low levels of dairy due to cross-contamination.  Also dairy free products are sometimes not dairy free as they may contain casein and whey which are milk proteins so if you have a severe reaction to dairy you may might want to find out from the staff at Quesava the list of all ingredients in their products.

Out of all the items in our Tasting Plate, I liked the Jackfruit Empanada the most because it actually tasted like pulled pork, believe it or not. As for the other items, although the Vanilla cookie had the right texture for a cookie, it simply needed more chocolate chips as I always expect to find an overabundance of chocolate chips in any chocolate chip cookie. I think the same applied to the Cheese Popper as I consume cashew and coconut oil based cheeses so I know that the cheese flavour can be more pronounced.  The bruschetta was good, although because this was a food tasting event, it would have been better had it been served piping hot out of the oven.  But given that I’m not sensitive to gluten, I think a person with gluten sensitivities might have be able to give a more reliable review of Quesava’s products. It’s like asking someone who can eat cheese to go to a vegan restaurant and rate the food.  It’s simply not the same and you will always be comparing the “real thing” to the plant-based substitutions.






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