Throne and Games

Throne and Games

This Spring, Winter Is Coming To Granville Island

Vancouver TheatreSports™ Presents
Throne and Games – The Last Laugh

April 26-June 15 at The Improv Centre
Tickets at


My Review of Throne and Games – The Last Laugh

Laughs are coming….. and Vancouver Theatresports comical Throne and Games – The Last Laugh edition of the oh-so-very-serious Game of Thrones will slay you. And I’d rather be slayed this way than be burnt to a crispy KFC drumstick by Daenerys’ two remaining dragons: Rhaegal and Drogon. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen the GOT series as I attended Vancouver TheatreSportsA Chance of Snow” a few years ago before I even heard of Jeffery, the evil spawn of and brother and sisterly love or don’t turn your back when you’re in the washroom with dwarfs named Tyrion.

And we don’t need the terrifying White Walkers or Lady Brienne who has more balls than the entire Unsullied Army, but the talented crew of Vancouver TheatreSports to entertain us with their antics as this rather ingenious production had George R.R. Martin (played by Graeham Duffy), author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” which the series of books that the Game of Thrones is based upon, as the improv host who spurred players on with his toe-the-line crow cue cards. Although I think he’s more suitable to be the host of a new game show named “Whose the Biggest Asshole” as he seemed to take delight in killing off some of our favorite characters such as Sam Tarly played by Scott Patey who perfected the “I Can’t Believe I’m The First Man to Slay A White Walker” look of dumbfoundedness – at least I hope this wasn’t his natural face. Lauren McGibbon (Daenerys), Margret Nyfors (Cersei) and Allen Morrison (Jon Snow), made the perfect Ménage-A-Improv-Trois as they managed to play a great game of improv ping pong throughout the entire night with each managing to claim a coveted spot on the Iron Throne at least once during the performance.

And accolades to the improv players who had dual and sometimes triple roles, such as Pearce Visser who plays Varys, Lord of the Moo Moo Slippers, and the “I See Dead People Everywhere” Night King. Andrew Barber played the role of “Scratch Screwing a Queen off My Bucket List” Euron Greyjoy, “I Spy with My Three Eyes” Bran Stark and one of Daenerys’ remaining “If It’s Not Tied to the Floor, I’m Eating It” dragons. Yes, you heard me right – like the GOT show, Throne and Games has dragons, slayings, and PG-rated make out scenes that makes you want to run home to peruse your family album to see which one of your hot aunts is worth devouring – um no!

Special mention should also be given to Johanna Sö who performed the Game of Thrones theme song live on violin with Duane Keogh accompanying her on what looked like a box but turned out to be a cajón which is a percussion instrument. Apparently this special live performance was only for the opening night.

But unlike Games of Thrones, the second half of Throne and Games allows one of the audience members to change the outcome of the Long Night, which was the third episode of the final Season 8 that just aired on Sunday, April 28, 2019. For the opening night’s performance, they choose an audience member named Eddie who said his favorite place was Barcelona and one of his favourite thing was spiders (weirdo!). So as a result, the Night King completely demolished Barcelona, spiders and all, with Eddie taking the ultimate revenge as he…… I’m not going to tell as I think I’ve given you enough spoilers by now. I can already feel those pins you’re sticking in your voodoo doll you’ve named Dianne – ouch! But what I can tell you is that Throne and Games provides you many moments of side-splitting hilarity and is more fun than a barrel full of dragons, that is, unless you happen to be in the barrel with them rolling around screaming “Dracarys!”

Throne and Games – The Last Laugh at The Improv Centre on Granville Island runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30pm from Friday, April 26 to Saturday, June 15, 2019. Ticket prices start at $10.75 and are on sale now at

About Throne and Games

A lonely Queen sits atop the Iron Throne, but her kingdom is under threat from all sides. The final fight between the Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens is about to go down and everyone will probably die…laughing.

Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTS) is thrilled to present Throne and Games – The Last Laugh at The Improv Centre on Granville Island every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30pm from Friday, April 26 to Saturday, June 15, 2019. This marks the last ‘season’ in VTS’ comedy trilogy, which began in 2015 with Throne and Games – Laughter is Coming and continued with Throne and Games – A Chance of Snow in 2016. Ticket prices start at $10.75 and are on sale now at

The satirical parody, Throne and Games  – The Last Laugh, is loosely based on HBO’s popular TV series, will feature some familiar characters along with a myriad of unexpected plot twists as suggested by the audience. Because of this key element, no two performances can be the same. As in its TV inspiration, the audience has no idea what to expect next…and neither do the improvisers.

VTS improvisers are master actors – creating the plot line, and developing the characters and dialogue on the spot based on audience involvement and suggestions. It’s this unpredictability that adds to the humour of every performance and has audiences returning to see different performances of the same show again and again.

With a new scenario mapped out by popular ensemble members Graeme Duffy and Denise Jones, a murderous cast of characters, an innovative set by Mo Sherwood and more plot twists than the original TV show, this all-new VTS production comes with a severe hilarity warning: attendance could lead to sore sides from laughing.

Which of the characters will have the last laugh and sit triumphant on the Iron Throne? Who knows? You’ll have to come and see for yourself to find out.

About Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTS):

Founded in 1980, VTS has grown to become a well-respected international leader in the improv art form. Voted the ‘#1 Improv Comedy Company’ for the third year in a row at the prestigious ‘2018 Best of Vancouver Awards’, VTS entertains more than 65,000 people per year with 10 shows per week, 52 weeks per year at its own theatre, The Improv Centre. An intimate space located on Granville Island, The Improv Centre. An intimate space located on Granville Island, The Improv Centre is a fully-licensed facility with its own Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge, which overlooks False Creek Marina.

In addition, VTS owns and operates The Improv Comedy Institute – an improv school which offers classes from beginner through professional level, conducts province-wide school tours, and operates Improv for Business – a corporate training division with a diverse portfolio of blue-chip clients.

VTS appreciates the on-going support of season sponsors: City of Vancouver, CMHC Granville Island, The Georgia Straight, and The Granville Island Hotel.




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