Throwback TheatreSports

Throwback TheatreSports

Throwback TheatreSports Takes It To The Max
With Mega Laughs… And More
October 15 through November 21

My Review of Throwback TheatreSports™

I wear my sunglasses at night because you can dance if you want to you super freak and I run so far away but call me one way or another but don’t forget me when you’re gone cuz your kiss is on my list on electric avenue but here comes the rain again…..

If you know all of the above astonishing electric ecstatic eighties tunes, well then jump in the car cuz it’s its one crazy flashback in the past and a chance to strut your stuff ooh ooh at the Vancouver TheatreSports where your favorite improv players will tickle your funny bone with flashbacks from the 80s and you’ll even get a chance to rate the players, participate on stage and dance, dance, dance when the music plays.

My favorite skit of the night was the one where players had to incorporate dialogue with sayings from Madonna songs and the comedy series Alf…. “When I first saw you naked… I said to myself “All I need is the keys to the liquid cabinet”. Funny that’s what I said to my last date.

If you didn’t grow up during the 80’s don’t worry as it’s just plain pee in your pants funny and you could even win a prize by having your 80’s picture taken at intermission, tagging Vancouver TheatreSports on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #hahawithvtsl to win a VTSL anniversary prize pack and that my friend, is nothing to laugh at – or is it!


About Throwback TheatreSports™

Do you remember Tubbs and Crockett? Leg warmers? The Rubik’s Cube? Line-backer shoulder pads? Big hair? For those of you who do, you know these are icons from the decade of excess – the 1980s. For those of you who weren’t yet born, you’re probably familiar with some of them through retro fashion, music re-mixes, period movies and old TV re-runs.

Thirty-five years ago, a group of Vancouver actors came together, formed a co-op and experimented with a newly evolving theatre genre, TheatreSports™, which gave birth to the entire realm of improv comedy. That inaugural group of actors (including improv super star Colin Mochrie) took up residence in a little theatre off the alley at Thurlow and Alberni streets – City Stage (which later became The Back Alley Theatre), and grew to become Vancouver’s, and one of North America’s, premier improv comedy companies – Vancouver TheatreSports™ League (VTSL).

From October 15 through November 21, VTSL celebrates its milestone anniversary and all things 80’s with a new feature show – Throwback TheatreSports™. It’s a no-holds-barred comedic trip down Memory Lane (aka ‘the back alley’) complete with classic, and newly-created, TheatreSports™ formats and scenarios. Artistic Director Denise Jones has invited back VTSL alumni from years past to perform alongside current ensemble members. Executive Director Jay Ono, who started his career 32 years ago as a rookie improviser on the VTSL stage, will also make the occasional performance appearance during the run.

While much has changed in the intervening 35 years, one thing hasn’t – audience participation. Improv comedy relies on audience suggestions to move the action forward. That’s what makes it such a daring art form, the performers and tech improvisers don’t know what to expect from one moment to the next as the ‘script’ is dictated by audience input. No two performances are the same. It’s a fresh new show each and every night.

Throwback TheatreSports™ is a show with more twists than the Rubik’s Cube. It will keep you in stitches regardless of whether or not you lived through, or should we say ‘survived,’ the 80s.

We invite you to dig out your legwarmers, don your headband and join us in celebrating the beginnings of VTSL, improv comedy and the decade when ‘more was more.’

Throwback TheatreSports™ runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. from October 15 through November 21 at VTSL’s own theatre – The Improv Centre on Granville Island. Tickets can be purchased online at

About Vancouver TheatreSports™ League

Vancouver TheatreSports™ League is located on Granville Island, Vancouver’s arts and culture capital. Circa 1980, Vancouver TheatreSports™ League is now a local institution and a worldwide phenomenon, producing and staging some of the most daring and innovative improv in the world. Boasting six International Improv Comedy Awards and having starred in several television specials, Vancouver TheatreSports™ League performs to more than 60,000 enthusiasts yearly, five nights a week, 52 weeks a



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