THE ARRAY: The Shape of the Galaxy
Presented by Upintheair Theatre

November 7-9, 2019 | 8 PM
The Greenhouse Studio
1885 Venables Street, Vancouver

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl Sagan

Upintheair Theatre will present its inaugural speculative fiction performance series, The Array, with four short original works on Thursday, November 7 to Saturday, November 9, 2019. Newly commissioned themed-works will be staged by emerging artists Elysse Cleadle, Erika Mitsuhashi and Francesca Frewer, and established companies Theatre Conspiracy and Upintheair Theatre. All performances will be based on the motif of The Shape of the Galaxy, inspired by recent discoveries in astrophysics. The Array will be held at the Greenhouse Studio (1885 Venables Street).

A pilot project, The Array is devised by Upintheair Theatre’s Daniel Martin and Dave Mott, co-artistic producers and associate producer Pippa Mackie. In astrophysics, an array is a group of satellites and telescopes that can be trained on a single phenomena to provide a more detailed, nuanced, and multi-dimensional understanding of the subject than could be gained by a single instrument. The Array proposes artists as telescopes.

Each evening all four performances (15-20 minutes each) will be presented:

Big Bang Bang – Elysse Cheadle
the shape of something changes as you move through it – Erika Mitsuhashi and Francesca Frewer
The light we’ll never see – Theatre Conspiracy
Starman – Upintheair Theatre
With music by DJ Flyte and signature cocktails by Brandywine Bartending.



Tickets: Your choice $10 / $20 / $40



Canada Council for the Arts | Province of British Columbia | British Columbia Arts Council | City of Vancouver



Under the leadership of Daniel Martin and David Mott, Upintheair Theatre has been producing original and provocative theatre in Vancouver since 2000. The company’s last production was A Brief History of Human Extinction presented at The Cultch in October, 2018. Past productions include The City and The City (with The Only Animal) at the 2017 PuSh Festival, The North Plan (2016), which won three Jessie Awards in the Small Theatre category, and Inside The Seed (2013), which won Jessie Awards for Outstanding Direction (Small Theatre) and Best New Script. Each spring, the company presents the rEvolver Festival showcasing contemporary performance work by emerging and early mid career artists.




Written and directed by Elysse Cheadle
Performed by Robert Azevedo, Keely O’Brien, and Martin Reisle
A composition for slants, hand tools, gravity, and velcro piano. Driven by stubborn curiosity, Big Bang Bang plays irresponsibly with some pretty elemental properties of physics, with (literal) construction and deconstruction, and largely: with the properties of velcro. We’re going to get loud, get stuck, get inverted, and try to figure out how it all began.


Created and performed by Erika Mitsuhashi and Francesca Frewer
Relation and the unknown. In this new work, collaborators Erika Mitsuhashi and Francesca Frewer explore the precarious space between otherness and togetherness. When we find ourselves faced with fundamental uncertainty, how do we make sense of ourselves, our perceptions, and one another? Through formal experimentation with movement, text, and theatrical artifice, they use these questions to explore ideas surrounding agency and subjectivity.


Theatre Conspiracy
Written and co-directed by Tim Carlson, dramaturg and co-directed by Veronique West
Performed by Didier Brûlé-Champagne and Ilana Zackon
Sonic array explores light and darkness. The light we’ll never see is a spacy song cycle touching on the complicated relationship between creative and destructive cosmic forces, the bond between speculation and technology, and how discovery inspires both humour and horror.

Upintheair Theatre

Written by Pippa Mackie and directed by Daniel Martin
Performed by Arash Khakpour and Dave Mott
A man, his chair, and a pact to never leave his room. Starman is a dark comedy about a man and the hungry sucking loneliness that has led him to lock himself in his room for the rest of his life. Through his very unpopular VLOG – Daryl (aka Starman) will take his internet “friends” on a journey into his chosen exile. But Starman’s isolation may lead him to confront a part of himself he never knew existed.



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