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Vancouver Foodster presents the Cookie Challenge

Welcome to the first ever Vancouver Foodster Cookie Challenge. Bakeries and cafes from all over the city were invited to create a new Cookie into this challenge. Each bakery and cafe will be featuring their Cookie creation on their menu from April 19 – May 12, 2018.  Here are a few of the unique creations:

Cookie ChallengeSweet Somethings
Cinnamon Bun Cookie
Price: $2.50
Created by: Emma Irvine

Description: This cinnamon bun cookie is inspired by our best selling baked good… our cinnamon buns. A chewy sugar cookie with a cinnamon filling and our cream cheese icing come together to create the perfect treat.

Available: all the time

Sweet Somethings
4321 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 842-0261
Instagram @sweetsomethingsvancouver


Cookie ChallengePanidor Bakery Café
Ladybug Bite
Price: $3.50
Created by: Mario Armitano

Description: it is made of a butter cookie base with a raspberry jam, the on top, a decadent white chocolate ganache with coconut.

Offered: Tuesday – Sunday
Panidor Bakery Café
3080 Main Street, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 877-3588
Instagram @panidor_bakery


Cookie ChallengeTartine Bread and Pies
Mystery Cookie
Price: $2.95
Created by: Executive Baker Moriah Lutley

Description: The Mystery Cookie is a play on the “Compost Cookie” from Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar. We tweaked the ratios and added a couple more of our favorite ingredients. We called it the Mystery Cookie because you would never be able to guess all the ingredients. It’s unassuming in appearance and you can’t tell which ingredients are in each bite. We would never have thought that this combination of flavors would taste quite so delicious and become slightly addictive. It’s salty, sweet, crunchy and chewy all at once. They pair well with a glass of cold milk or a strong coffee.

Offered: All the time

Tartine Bread and Pies
1069 Davie Street, Vancouver
Tel:(604) 685-7437
Twitter: @tartinebnp
Instagram @tartinebreadandpies


Tartine Bread and Pies
770 Beach Avenue, Vancouver
Tel:(604) 685-7437
Twitter: @tartinebnp
Instagram @tartinebreadandpies

Here are the complete lineup and details along with the Media judges for this Cookie Challenge

We will announce the winning bakeries/cafes and their Cookie creations for the Cookie Challenge on May 14, 2018.


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