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Getting More Bang for Your Buck
at the Vancouver Gourmet Club

Being Asian doesn’t mean that we’re looking for the cheapest deal regardless of quality. No, rather it means getting the best quality of food, service or products for the best price – in other words, more bang for your buck. As long as we’re getting at least a 10% discount, we’re abiding by the Asian laws of frugality. If we were just wacky and tacky, you’d never find us driving Mercedes or dining at four star restaurants. No we’d be biking to work and reveling in our minus four star meals at Mickee Dees. The Vancouver Gourmet Club fits neatly into my definition of fabulously frugal as it gives members access to discounts to restaurants and events at discounted prices.

Discounts for VGC Members

The silver membership to the Vancouver Gourmet Club is $9.95 now and then $19.95 every 6 Months. Customers in BC will be charged 5% tax.  There is also a more expensive gold membership, although I’m not sure what the extra perks are for the gold membership.  The following are just a few discounts that members receive.

2-4-1 Offers
One of the events I missed in May 2018 was the Black Sage Vineyards Wine Pairing Dinner (five courses) at the Water St Café. The price was $88 for one person and with the special VGC discount the price split between two people would have been $44 per person which is an astounding discount considering the fact that it’s a five course dinner with paired wine. Other discounts that VGC members receive as of June, 2018 are in the following list.  Although the list below isn’t extensive, I like the fact that it’s not the same places you find in the Entertainment Book which features the same restaurants over and over again.  I would rather get a smaller discount at a place offering better quality of food than 2-4-1 offer at a place that is substandard.  I’ve been to most of the places below and would recommend them.

Bayside Lounge 
15% off  on food & drinks (MondaySunday)
*Not applicable with other specials
Reservation: (604) 682-1831

Brix & Mortar 
20% off on food items (Sunday – Thursday)
Reservation: (604) 915-9463

Restaurant Yugo 
20% off on food items (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Reservation: (604) 620-7878

House Special 
10% off on food items (Sunday – Thursday)
Reservation: (778) 379-2939

Beijiang Restaurant
10% off on food items (Sunday – Thursday)
*Not applicable with other specials
Reservation: (778) 297-4988

Liuyishou Robson 
10% off lunch Everyday
Reservation: (778) 379-3977

Liuyishou Richmond 
10% off lunch Everyday
Reservation: (604) 285-6122

Ramen Taka 
50% off gyoza Anytime
Reservation: (604) 620-3371

Free Springroll Anytime
Reservation: (604) 568-1117

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Vancouver Gourmet Club

Review of West End Cocktail Tour

The Vancouver Gourmet Club also organizes Cocktail Tours in various neighbourhoods in Vancouver. It’s an opportunity to enjoy three cocktails paired with an appetizer at three different establishments, and to pick me off the floor if you happen to sit at my table as my #LolYouHadMeAtFirstSip kicks in. Tickets are $44.95 with members getting a 10% discount. But if you’re not presently a VGC member you will get a free annual membership with a purchase of a cocktail tour (I received a free VGC membership but I paid for the West End Cocktail Tour).

At the West End Cocktail Tour I attended, Centro, Adesso Bistro and Bayside Lounge were the featured establishments. At each place, we had a choice of 2-3 cocktails which as pictured above, are full-sized cocktails!. Paired appetizers ranged from a small amuse bouche at Adesso Bistro to more generous sized appetizers such as the Avocado and Potato Bites at the Bayside Lounge (pictured above with the Blueberry Smash). Because guests were divided into three groups with a designated leader who ensured that we visited all three establishments within the allotted time for the event, I found it to be a leisurely event with ample time to make new acquaintances and order other food on the menu which was discounted at 10%.

Overall, the West End Cocktail Tour is all about the cocktails and the experience (the appetizers are a mere tease so don’t expect to fill up on them). Cocktails at these particular establishments are $10 to $13 (at more high scale restaurants they can go up to $20-$25) which adds up to $39 and when you add up the accompanying appetizers it truly is an event which gives you more bang for your buck.

Vancouver Gourmet Club



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