2020 Hot Chocolate Festival

2020 Hot Chocolate Festival

Curry coconut hot chocolate at Kokomonk with burnt sesame and raspberry scotch chocolates


2020 Hot Chocolate Festival 
January 18 – February 14, 2019



Every year I try to make it to two or three places for the Hot Chocolate Festival, but as I have a dairy allergy, it restricts my choices as I can only go to the places that list that they dairy-free options or the places that I’ve been to that I know are happy to swap it out for me.  After perusing the website, here’s the dairy-free choices at the 2019 Hot Chocolate Festival being offered.  Also note that if one of the selections has a vegan option, most establishments are happy to offer the other selection as vegan unless it is specifically made with a non-vegan ice cream:

**note all establishments only offer the following hot chocolate selections after 9am.

2020 Hot Chocolate Festival Non-Dairy Selections

2902 Main St. (Mon–Sat: 7 am–10 pm. | Sun: 7:30 am– 9 pm. (Festival feature hot chocolate served 9 am. to 8 pm only)
2198 West Fourth Ave. (Sun – Thurs, 7 am. – 7 pm | Fri – Sat: 7 am– 8 pm (Festival feature hot chocolate served 9 am to 6 pm only)
689 Thurlow St. (Mon – Fri: 6:30 am–6 pm | Sat – Sun, 7 am– 5 pm (Festival feature hot chocolate served 9 am to 4 pm only)

They apparently make their own almond milk, so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t ask for your hot chocolate creations dairy-free for the Hot Chocolate Festival.  . All Available: January 19 – February 14.

  • THE BEES KNEES: Lavender-infused hot chocolate. Served with a lavender and honey marshmallow cookie.(only served after 9am)

BELLA GELATERIA  1001 West Cordova St. (Mon-Thur: 11 am – 10 pm / Fri: 11 am-11 pm / Sat-Sun: 10:30 am-11 pm  Monday, Closed.)

  • DIWALI’S DREAM (V) – OPEN SESAME (Anniversary Classic) (VO) (January 18 – February 14, 2020) Michel Cluizel 45% milk chocolate with homemade black sesame paste, and a touch of sea salt. Paired with an amerena cherry gelato popsicle
  • FUNKY MONKEY (January 18 – February 14, 2020) Michel Cluizel 72% dark chocolate with homemade banana flambe puree. Paired with an amerena cherry gelato popsicle.
  • PURPLE RAIN (January 18 – February 14, 2020) Michel Cluizel white chocolate with homemade purple ube puree. Paired with an amarena cherry gelato popsicle..

CADEAUX BAKERY 172 Powell St. (Tues-Fri: 8 am-6 pm / Sat: 8:30 am-6 pm / Sun: 9 am-5 pm / Mon Closed.) 

    • COCOANUT (January 18-31, 2020) – Creamy, vegan-friendly, coconut milk-based, passion fruit dark hot chocolate. Served with your choice of pate de fruit (vegan)
    • MUM’S APPLE PIE (January 18-31, 2020). Caramelized white chocolate and house made caramelized apple compote blended together with steamed milkServed with a ‘pie crust’ snacking bar.
    • WHERE THE GRASS IS GREENER (February 1-14, 2020) – Jasmine-infused, milk hot chocolate with grass jelly. Served with a pandan pistachio sable cookie.
    • QUEEN OF TARTS (February 1-14, 2020) – Tart but sweet, pretty-in-pink, ruby hot chocolate, infused with apricot and pomegranate. Served with a Linzer Torte cookie.


2020 Hot Chocolate FestivalCardem Donuts – Amaretto hot chocolate with vegan cinnamon bun


CAFFE CITADELLA    2310 Ash St. (Daily: 7 am-7 pm)  All available January 18 – February 14 

  • DIWALI’S DREAM (V) – An India-inspired hot chocolate made from a home made mix of spices blended with almond milk and dark chocolate. Served with a ginger cookie.
  • CALIENTITO – Bittersweet chocolate mixed with milk, unsweetened coconut powder, vanilla, chili and cinnamon. Served with a chocolate cookie. Ask for almond milk as they obviously have it on premises.

534 West Pender St. (Mon-Thur: 7 am-8 pm / Fri: 7 am-10 pm / Sat:  10 am-10 pm / Sun: 10 am-6 pm)
2190 Main St. (Mon-Fri: 7 am-10 pm / Sat: 9 am-10 pm  / Sun: 9 am-8 pm)
3040 West Broadway (Mon-Thur: 9 am-8 pm / Fri-Sat: 9 am-9 pm  / Sun: 9 am-8 pm)

Both Available: January 18 – February 14 . 

  • DONUTMISU (VO) (S) (Anniversary Classic 2018) – A hot chocolate with dark roasted coffee, authentic Amaretto and a hint of nutmeg, Made with your choice of milk (Vegan if made with house made almond milk or Oat-ly oat milk). Served with an Almond Biscotti.
  • BANANAS FOSTER (VO) – A dark hot chocolate infused with fresh bananas and made with your choice of milk. (Vegan if made with house made almond milk or Oat-ly oat milk.) Served with a Spiced Rum Snickerdoodle (V)

CHOCOLATE ARTS:  1630 West 3rd Ave. (Mon-Sat:  10 am-6 pm /  Sun: Closed)  All Available January 18 – February 14.

  • ROCKY ROAD TO LOVE (Anniversary Classic) – A bittersweet hot chocolate made with almond butter and topped with whipped cream, house-made chocolate marshmallows and a caramel drizzle. Served with Chocolate Arts’ signature candied almonds
  • APPLE OF MY PIE – A creamy hot chocolate featuring milk chocolate and apple topped with cinnamon-dusted whipped cream. Served with an aged cheddar sable.hot chocolate made with Cacao Barry Madirofolo dark chocolate served with Buttermilk Financier.

..2020 Hot Chocolate Festival

Chocolate Arts – hot chocolate with carrot twist served with vegan carrot cake


EAST VAN ROASTERS:  319 Carrall St:  Mon – Fri: 9 am– 5 pm / Saturday, Noon to 5 pm

  • TRIP TO LACHUA (Anniversary Classic) Available January 18 – February 14 , 2020 – A cardamom-infused Guatemala drinking chocolate served with a Champurradas (corn cookie).
  • TANZANIAN DREAM (V). Available January 18 -January 31 , 2020 – Tanzania drinking chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla in cashew and rice milk. Served with a Tanzania chocolate square with puffed rice inclusion.
  • CHOCOLATE CREMOSO ESPECIADO (V). Available February 1 – February 14 , 2020 – Dominican Republic chocolate infused with ginger and cloves in coconut milk. Served with dulce de leche and plantain.

1829 Quebec St. (Mon-Fri: 2 pm-10 pm /  Sat & Sun:  Noon-10 pm)
3992 Fraser St. (Mon-Fri: 2 pm-10 pm /  Sat & Sun:  Noon-10 pm)
127 West 1st Ave., North Vancouver (Sun-Thur:  1 pm-9 pm / Fri & Sat: 1 pm-10 pm)

  • BOHEMIAN RASPBERRY (Anniversary Classic) Available January 18 – 24, 2020 – House made raspberry marshmallow drenched in a rich raspberry hot chocolate. Topped with raspberry amaretto whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate shavings
  • LET’S GET THE CARDI STARTED – Available January 18 – February 14, 2020 – Sweet, milk hot chocolate is delicately spiced with organic and fair trade cardamom. Paired with our classic Pecan Cinnamon Swirl ice cream.
  • ORANGE YOU GLAD IT’S HOT CHOCOLATE? Available January 18 – February 14, 2020 – Decadent, rich orange dark hot chocolate made with oat milk. Paired with a house-made, light and fluffy, orange tea cake with hints of candied ginger. and sweet caramel, topped with whipped cream and pretzels paired with Blondie Bar.

ETERNAL ABUNDANCE: 1025 Commercial Dr.  Mon-Sat: 9 am-9 pm / Sun:  9 am-8 pm
Everything at this establishment is vegan and desserts are especially yummy.

  • 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW (V) (O) – Available January 18 – 31, 2020/ Black sesame white hot chocolate paired with a black sesame shortbread cookie.
  • PROUD MARY BURNIN‘ (Anniversary Classic) (V) (O). Available February 1 – 14, 2020   Salted rosemary hot chocolate paired with a lemon rosemary shortbread cookie.


888 Nelson St. (Mon-Thur: 7 am-7 pm  /  Fri & Sat: 7 am-9 pm  /  Sun: 8 am-6 pm
2098 West 41st Ave (Mon-Sat: 7 am-6 pm  /  Sun:  8 am-6 pm)

  • ALOHA MACS. Available January 18 – February 14, 202. Dark Chocolate ganache with steamed Macadamia milk, Macadamia nut topped with crushed roasted Macadamia Nuts. Paired with house-made Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Macadamia Nut Butter Cookies.
  • BROK DA MOUT.  Available January 18 – February 14, 2020 Dark chocolate, hibiscus ginger tea, ginger with honey, steamed coconut milk, with a trace of cardamom. Paired with house-made Coconut Chocolate Biscotti.

KOKO MONK CHOCOLATES: 1849 West 1st Ave. (Tues–Fri: Noon-8 pm  / Sat: 1 am– 7 pm /  Sun: 11 am-5:30 pm  /  Mon: Closed)
My favourite location for the 2020 Hot Chocolate Festival as they not only have dairy free options for all creative choices, but the in-house chocolates are divine,   On Saturdays, get a flight of three hot chocolates of 4 oz each. Choose any three flavours including all 2020 festival flavors. Since they make the drinks on the spot, minimum order quantity is two flights of the same three drinks

  • SCENT OF SPRING (January 18 – 24, 2020) Vegan wild sage dark chocolate with mint and orange. Paired with Lemongrass and Mango Praline.
  • TIED AND TICKLED (VO) (January 2 – 31, 2020) Banana and walnut white hot chocolate with rose. Paired with Passion Fruit Praline.
  • MOOD FOR LOVE (VO) (February 1 – 7, 2020) Silver tip jasmine white hot chocolate with ginger and pear. Paired with Rum Truffle.
  • THE LIGHT SYLLABLES (VO) (Anniversary Classic) (February 8 – 14, 2020) Spicy ginger and chai tea dark hot chocolate with cardamom. Paired with a Passion Fruit Praline.

KOKO MONK HOT CHOCOLATE LOUNGE: 2883 West Broadway (Tues–Fri: Noon– 9 pm  /  Sat & Sun:  11 am-8 pm / Mon: closed
My favourite location for the 2020 Hot Chocolate Festival as they not only have dairy free options for all creative choices, but the in-house chocolates are divine,   On Saturdays, get a flight of three hot chocolates of 4 oz each. Choose any three flavours including all 2020 festival flavors. Since they make the drinks on the spot, minimum order quantity is two flights of the same three drinks

  • BLACK PEUGEOT (S) (VO) (January 18 – 24, 2020) Smoked pine nuts dark hot chocolate with a dash of whisky and salted caramel. Paired with a vegan Hazelnut Agianduja Praline
  • INSIDE OF A RAIN DROP (VO) (January 25 – 31, 2020) Activated coconut charcoal white hot chocolate with tanqueray, lime, and ginger. Paired with Chilli With Cinnamon Praline
  • IMMEDIATE JOY FOR PERPETUAL SOUL SEARCHERS (February 1 – 7, 2020) Vegan Thyme dark hot chocolate with raspberry and sumac. Paired with vegan Salted Rose Caramel Praline
  • LOVE IS A BITCH (VO) (Anniversary Classic) (February 8 – 14, 2020) Mango tequila white hot chocolate with chili. Paired with Espresso and Salted Caramel Praline.
    ..2019 Hot Chocolate Festival

Flight of three hot chocolates on Saturdays at Koko Monk and Koko Monk Hot Chocolate Lounge


MINK CHOCOLATES:  863 West Hastings St. (Mon-Fri: 7:30 am-6pm  / Weekends: 9:30 am to 5 pm)

  • DON’T BUG ME (Anniversary Classic) (January 18 – February 14, 2020) 54% cacao oat milk hot chocolate garnished with Canadian-farmed, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, free-range, whole roasted crickets. Served with two mini milk and dark chocolate bars.

PASSIONE GELATO ARTIGIANALE: 55 Smithe St – Parq Vancouver (Sun-Thur: 11 am-10 pm)

  • EAR SUMMER, I MISS YOU! (V) (January 18 – 31, 2020) Organic coconut milk and coconut sugar with Valrhona single origin Itakuja 55% dark chocolate, double fermented with passion fruit pulp. Paired with “To Die For” vegan Powerball.
  • WEST COAST WINTER (January 18 – 31, 2020) Valrhona Alpaco, Canadian organic maple syrup infused with orange zest from California. Paired with our limited edition gelato ‘Grand Marnier’.
  • THE MAGNIFICENT 3 (V) (February 1 -14, 2020) Three of the best superfoods: dark chocolate, spirulina, spelt milk. This hot chocolate is packed with nutrients and proteins that will give you the energy to get through the day. Paired with “To Die For ” vegan Lemon Loaf.
  • KAKAWA (February 1-14, 2020) Kakawa: an Olmec word, meaning cacao or chocolate. In honour of the Aztecs, Mayans, and other pre-Colombian cultures that first discovered chocolate, we are preparing this elixir using Valrhona single-origin Tulakalum and ancient spices. Paired with our limited edition sorbetto, ‘Passionfruit-Earl Grey

Click here to see all the hot chocolate selections for the Hot Chocolate Festival



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