Every once in a while when I’m not bogged down with blogging, attending media events or just plain exhausted from the two aforementioned activities and should I add that I also work full-time, I also attend frugal events on my own dime.

When I learnt about the Viva Espana event at Legacy Liquor Store which featured 4 wines from Vincent Gandia Winery  plus 4 tapas for just $25, I scooped up a ticket as I thought it would be a great introduction to Spanish wines since I was planning a trip to Barcelona, Spain the next month.

When I hear the word “tapas” I think of a little ol’ crostini with some delicious ingredients on top, so I wasn’t prepared for Legacy’s interpretation of “tapas” which to them meant placing a big platter of meat on the table to be served family style. This resulted in guests being able to enjoy 3-4 pieces of one “tapas”.


As for the wine, there were four wine glasses in front of us with an ounce of wine.  A fifth wine glass was empty which was to be filled with the Hoya de Cadenas cava which is a wine made in the traditional champenoise method soon after our arrival to the event. I liked this cava as it had medium bubbles with fresh citrus and green apple notes and well-balanced acidity. It was neither too dry or too sweet and tasted as good as any champagne I’ve ever had.


Next Bassam Khoury, Vicente Gandia’s North American Ambassador showed a Youtube video which introduced us to the vineyard. Unfortunately the sound for this wasn’t clear so I did went to the Vincente Gandia website for information.

What I learned was that Vincente Gandia is a well-known and respected vineyard in Spain which was founded in 1885 in Valencia and has won numerous awards including been named one of Top 50 Wineries in the World and Best Spanish Producer 2014.  After attending this event, I can see why.


First pairing:  Bo Bobal Unico paired with Coffee cocoa beef, charred leeks with Vanilla red wine jus.  This is made from grapes from the Bobal varietal which you find only in Spain. I like this wine as I adore red wines with elegant tannins as I find them easier to drink than the complex wines. It’s s medium bodied wine which is aged 9 months in French oak with soft tannins and overflowing with ripe cherries.  The slight oak notes accented the coffee and charred flavoured of the beef. Available at Legacy for $25.75 with tax..

Second Pairing:  Finca Del Mare Cabernet Savigninon with roasted chicken, spicy glazed carrots and balsamic jus.  This Cab was a medium bodied wine with robust tannins and rather jammy with an abundance of red currants and s bold finish with a hint of spice, although I found it to be less complex than other Cabs.  I found that the balsamic jus was a contrasting flavour to the juicy red currants notes of the wine.


Bassam Khoury, Vicente Gandia’s North American Ambassador


Third Pairing:  Hoya de cadenas Reserva Tempernillo paired with seared salmon, grilled onion with mustard sabayan.  All wines marked Reserva in Spain means that have been aged longer than the other wines produced from the vineyard.  This is a wine that has been aged for three years and it’s tannins can only be described as velvety smooth.  It had ripe blackberries and black currants on the palate with a strong hint of vanilla. It’s won numerous awards such as Best Spanish Reserve below 8 € Wein Markt (Germany).  The strong flavour of the velvet flavours of the wine while the suble flavour of the salmon allowed the wine to shine.  Available at Legacy for $15.40 with tax..

Fourth Pairing:  Ceremonia paired with Two Rivers Lamb and port sausage IPS, black pepper cranberry sauce and parsnip purée.  This is a wine with good structure, full bodied and is compried of the following varietals:  Tempranillo 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Bobal 10% and ripe cherry and spicy and woody notes.  The full tannins of the wine paired with the string flavours of the sausage although my table mates and I found the intense black pepper in the sauce overpowered the wine so we tried it again skipping the sauce which produced a much better result.


Although our tasting only consisted of approximately one ounce of each red wine, if guests wanted more of each wine, Bassam Khoury was on hand to pour some more (in Spain, I never say por favour after being served, but poursomemore).  Of particular note is that the food was great as all the proteins were cooked perfectly with interesting sauces and accompaniments.  Who would have thought you’d find such high caliber of food at a liquor store.

As this was a long table event, there was plenty of opportunity to chat with neighbours and compare notes.  After all was said and drunk, I bought the Temparillo wine which was priced at only $13.78 before tax.  Absolutely fabulous and frugal, let’s just say the wine events at the Legacy Liquor made it to the top of my wine events.








Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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