Weekday Happy Hours

Weekday Happy Hours


This site is currently been revamped to list happy hours according to areas (I have used Google Maps as a reference).  Come back often as I will be adding new links for new pages as I add more areas.  In the meantime, the old pages are still live, but will disappear over time.

Updated Aug 8, 2019

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Happy Hours Listed by Area

Vancouver Happy Hours for Restaurants with More Than One Location

Burnaby Happy Hours

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Commercial Drive (Grandview-Woodland) Happy Hours

Downtown Vancouver Happy Hours

Fairview Happy Hours

Gastown Happy Hours

Kitsilano Harbour Happy Hours

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North Vancouver Happy Hours

Richmond and Steveston Happy Hours

Riley Park Happy Hours

West End Happy Hours

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Happy Hours Reviews

Links to Daily Happy Hours:  (still live until all pages or happy hours listed by areas are up)

Best Happy Hours in Vancouver

Ethnic Happy Hours

Healthy Happy Hours

Oyster Happy Hours

Patios with Happy Hours

Reverse Happy Hours

Happy Every Day

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  1. Karen    

    Dianne, here’s another deal that I’ve been wanting to try at Teahouse in Stanley Park: http://goodlifevancouver.com/teahouse-and-a-mid-summer-happy-hour/ I think you’ve made mention of their free shuttle in your blog.

    Thanks for all the great tips for stuff to do around the city!

    1. DianneChow    

      Hi Karen: Thanks for mentioning this as I am updating my happy hours and will include it! Their free shuttle is awesome as the driver actually came to look for me after the wine tasting to take me back down the hill as I mentioned I was there for the wine tasting!

  2. Hannele    

    Is Samba still open?

    1. DianneChow    

      No, I intend to update the happy hours, hopefully this weekend… Thanks for pointing this out

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