My Review of Well Seasoned Mini Ready-To-Eat Easter Egg Cookie Dough

If you’ve ever eaten raw weiners, then I bet that you’ve also eaten raw cookie dough. I mean, come on, what’s better than running a spatula along the mixing bowl to scoop up the yummy cookie dough that’s left over after you mold the cookies on the baking sheet. Every cook knows that you need to taste your food to ensure it’s good. Trouble is that I end up eating half the dough before it gets in the oven. But it’s not my fault, as the dog loves it too! How else did you think I could teach him to walk on my back to give me a massage!

But unlike hot dogs where you don’t really know what is really in them, cookie dough has nothing artificial. And if you’re a lousy baker, too busy to bake or just plain lazy – (I’m raising my hands and my feet), then rejoice, because Well Seasoned has a fantastic Mini Ready-To Eat Easter Egg Cookie Dough. No baking, just pop in mouth and if you do that at least 20 times, you will lose 0.0000000001 lbs.

You’re probably wondering – is it safe to eat? I’ve eaten it yesterday and I’m still here blogging like crazy or should I say, this crazy blogger is still here. Nope, there’s nothing in the cookie dough that isn’t safe eaten raw. They’re made with pasteurized eggs (not raw) or flax, and the flour goes through a special heat treatment so it is entirely safe to enjoy by the spoonful. Well Seasoned only uses the finest ingredients including real butter, pure vanilla, high quality chocolate and, of course sugar.  It tastes exactly like cookie dough except that it’s not as “wet” as there is no raw eggs.  I really liked the added crunch from the Chocolate Easter Eggs and of course, the extra chocolate.  I predict that you’ll have to pry this from your kid(s) hot little hand(s), so you better order one for each person in your household.


Well Seasoned Cookie Dough

Other Coookie Dough Flavours

If you’re not into Chocolate Easter Eggs (are your taste buds missing?), then there are other raw cookie dough flavours you can order from Well Seasoned:

Sugar, Sugar – a sweet sugar cookie dough loaded with colorful sprinkles
Cranberry Chocolate Chip – the dried cranberries make it acceptable to have this one for breakfast
Classic Chocolate Chip – really, a true classic that will bring back every great memory of your childhood
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (made with our homemade peanut butter cups!) – you are going to want a little alone time with this one!


About Well Seasoned Mini Egg Ready-to-Eat Cookie Dough

Back by popular demand, Well Seasoned Gourmet team is excited to be re-releasing their Mini Egg Ready to Eat Cookie Dough, just for Easter.  Available from March 2nd – April 14th ONLY, for $6.99 each, and can be shipped anywhere in Canada.

Angie Quaale, owner of Well Seasoned, is here for the people. “It seems to be a resurgence,” she says. “We launched in 2017 and people may remember how much buzz there was, so now I guess people want it back.”

Pre-orders can be made online now and they will be ready to ship on Monday, March 2nd.

People who love it, LOVE IT!

“I’ve heard about cookie dough waffles, ice cream, adding it to breakfast cereal,” says Angie. “BUT mostly I hear from people that eat it in the car on the way home and have actually turned around for another tub because they ate it all before they actually made it home!”

The ready-to-eat cookie dough is a classic chocolate chip dough with the addition of those seasonal mini eggs that everyone loves. Well Seasoned ready- to-eat cookie dough is made pasteurized ingredients, so you it is totally safe to eat, your only limitation is your sweet tooth!

This sweet treat doesn’t actually bake into cookies, it is packaged in a single- serve container ($6.99 each) with a super handy wooden spoon. The cookie dough will last up to two weeks at room temperature, six weeks in the refrigerator, or up to one year in the freezer.

Maybe you don’t live in Langley but you still want a fix for your next Netflix binge? No problem. You can buy tubs of delicious dough online and have it delivered right to your door! Shipping via Canada Post to anywhere in Canada means cookie dough is at your fingertips!

Better hurry though! These sweet spoonfuls of yum are only here for Easter.

Well Seasoned is located at #117-20353 64 Ave and is open Monday to Saturday 9 – 6 and Sunday from 10 -5. Or, you can order the Mini Egg Ready-to-Eat Cookie Dough online here.

About Well Seasoned

Well Seasoned, owned by Angie Quaale, is a Langley-based gourmet cooking school and food store specializing in international and local hard-to-find specialty ingredients, spices, cookware, and condiments.

With a passion for fine food, Well Seasoned is a food lover’s one-stop paradise for fresh culinary delights featuring local artisan producers, weekly in-store cooking classes with renowned chefs, educational seminars, and insights into the most cutting-edge food trends and products. Well Seasoned’s website also offers weekly new recipes for every home cook.

For more information on Well Seasoned, visit, or call 604-530-1518.





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