Valentine’s Day Roses

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and Cupid told us you might be looking for sweet specials and gifts that give back. Now through Valentine’s Day, you can purchase a Double Dozen Whole Trade Roses for $35!

With its Whole Trade Guarantee, Whole Foods Market is your one-stop-shop for blooms with benefits this February.

Why choose Whole Trade® roses this Valentine’s Day? Like all Whole Trade products, these roses are produced in ways that ensure better wages and working conditions for farm workers, provide fair prices to producers and support community development programs.

Why it matters: Whole Trade gifts last longer than their bloom. Through Whole Trade floral purchase, Whole Foods Market has funded more than $11.2 million in premiums to support improvement programs – from housing projects and school scholarships to medical and dental treatments – for floral workers, their families and their communities across Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Fun fact: Did you know that Americans bought an estimated 247 million roses last Valentine’s Day? (AboutFlowers.com: Valentine’s Day). Imagine the impact we could make if even a quarter of this year’s were Whole Trade!

With a variety of colors to pick, you may want to brush up on the different meanings of a rose so you are sure to send the right message:
RED—true love, passion and respect
DARK RED—beauty, perfection and adoration
PINK—romance and admiration
DEEP PINK—appreciation, gratitude and sincerity
LIGHT PINK—sweetness and gentleness
ORANGE—desire, passion and excitement
WHITE—spiritual love, purity and new beginnings
YELLOW—warmth, joy and friendship
LAVENDER—love at first sight



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