Yaletown Tasting Plates Review

Yaletown Tasting Plates Review

2019 Yaletown Tasting Plates Review

From healthy smoothies, Lebanese pizzas, Italian charcuterie to decadent pastries, Yaletown has all the delectable food you’ll ever need. The following is my review of the Yaletown Tasting Plates Review.

Living Produce Aisle
1168 Hamilton Street
Web: http://livingproduceaisle.com/
Twitter: @LPAyvr
Instagram @livingproduceaisle
Cuisine: Juice bar and salads

Yalletown Tasting Plates ReviewWheat grass shots, Microgreen salad with pea shoots, Sunflower and Purple Radish and Mango and Pineapple Immune Boost Smoothie with Bee Pollen

Registration was at Living Produce Aisle, a place which not only offers . smoothies with flavour combos not found elsewhere such as Peanut Butter Cup with peashoots, broccoli, peanut butter, chocolate protein, banana & almond milk but also sells urban cultivators which are fully automated kitchen gardens which allow you to harvest greens seconds before you plate or flats of microgreens such as pepper arugula, kale, nutty flax, sage and more.

Our Tasting Plates was extremely healthy trio of treats although I do have to admit that I didn’t have the wheat grass shot as I’ve had it and the taste doesn’t agree with me. But the micro green salad was tasty with its simply oil based dressing and pea shoots. Incidentally the healthiest greens you can eat are sprouted greens as sprouts contain 100 times more enzymes than other vegetables that allow you to absorb more vitamins and nutrients from food. Personally Pea sprouts are my favorite and have more taste than alfalfa sprouts.

As for the Mango and Pineapple Immune Boost Smoothie with Bee Pollen, you’d never know that something that tastes this good is so healthy for you because it tastes as good as any smoothie I’ve had at Jugo Juice. And if you love the taste of mangoes and pineapples, then you’ll love this.

620 Davie Street
Instagram @manoushehbc
Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Yaletown Tasting Plates ReviewSoujouk – Spicy ground beef pie and Laum Be Ajeen, ground beef

What does Manousheh mean? It is the cherished national pie of Lebanon and thus the main feature at #Manoush’ea. Our Tasting Plate though seemed more like a Lebanese Pizza as it was a simple disc of dough pressed flat and baked with a topping of zaatar (wild thyme, sumac, sesame seeds and oil) with a delicious topping of. Soujouk – Spicy ground beef and was delicious as the dough was crispy and hot. There’s no cheese on this so if you have a dairy sensitivity then this is perfect for you.

Manoush’eh also has a vegan Flalefel topped with tahini sauce, tomatos, pickled turnip and parsley. And there’s also typical Lebanese Desserts range from knafeh which is a thin noodle-like pastry, soaked in sugar-based syrup, and layered with cheese, or nuts or Esh el bulboi made with Pistachios or pine nuts), butter ghee, flour, sugar, milk powder, corn starch and looks like a bird’s nest.

Robba Da Matti
1127 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Web: http://www.robbadamatti.com/
Twitter: @Robba_daMatti
Instagram: @robba_damatti
Cuisine: Italian

Yaletown Tasting Plates ReviewMini bruschetta and mini Antipasta

If you want authentic Italian fare from bruschetta to Italian classics such as Spaghetti Alla Vongole, Osso Bucco and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara then Robbi Da Matti won’t disappoint as the food has always been on point every time I’ve been here.

Our Tasting Plate had crisp toasted garlic bread with bruschetta with cherry tomatoes while the antipasta board had Italian salami with buffalo cheese, both of which tasted great and tasted like any antipasta I’ve had in Italian cafes in Rome.

7 Days Coffee
920 Beatty Street
Web: https://www.facebook.com/7dayscoffeecorporation/
Instagram: @7dayscoffeeshop
Cuisine: coffee shop

Yaletown Tasting Plates ReviewMixed Berry Galette, Opera Cake, Brownie, Apple Strudel, Almond Square

This was my favorite Tasting Plate because 7 Days Coffee gave us mini bites of pastries and for a sweetoholic, it’s like I won the sweet lottery. All pastries are made in-house and as good any pastry I’ve had in any good bakery such as Thomas Haas, Thierry or Faubourg.


Yaletown Tasting Plates ReviewThe Mixed Berry Galette had flaky buttery pasty with a filling that tasted like fresh berries and was so good that I actually bought one to go. This coffee shop will definitely be one of my places to have coffee and pastry in Yaletown.  By the way, you can stop licking the screen now.


About Tasting Plates 

Each month Richard Wolak organizes one or two different Tasting Plates event focused on a specific neighbourhood or food theme.  There are usually four or fives restaurants on the tour.  This is a self-guided tour which you are given about four hours to visit each location.  You begin at a common registration point where you receive your Tasting Plates ticket which will list the tasting plates at each establishment.  The price of this ticket varies as the earlier you buy your ticket, the lower the price will be.  You should subscribe to the Tasting Plates newsletter to learn about new Tasting Plates events. My ticket is complimentary as I promote this event and write reviews and I tweet and instagram photos.

March 27 – Between the Buns Crawl (East Village edition) (tickets now on sale)



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